Best Convertible Car Seat 2016


Best convertible car seat 2016 is the right pick for your kids. As a new parent, you worry constantly about keeping your child safe, and every minute in traffic seems like an hour. That is why buying this car seat is so important. There are several convertible car seat reviews online to help you make your decision about which one would suit you best. Here, you’ll find the basic info on how to select the best one for your kid’s safety.

Top 10 Convertible Car Seat 2016

This article can help you on how to save life one day through a seat in a car or SUV. Best Convertible Car Seat is a great product which provides you a great safety during the period of your driving. There are many seats are available in the market. Among them some are convertible and some are not convertible. This article will help you to find out best convertible Car seat 2016.

Top 10 Convertible Car Seat :: Update May/2016

While buying convertible car seat, always make sure that you buy a brand new one. By buying a used car seat, you would be compromising the safety of your child, so clearly, the money saved on them is not worth it. Also, you can never be sure about how safe a used car seat was in the past and whether it has been damaged from overuse or not. Also before buying, have your child weighed and measured so that you’ll have a much better idea as to which seat would suit them best, and would be the safest.

Convertible Car Seat Reviews 2016

All convertible car seats that are sold in the United States have already met the minimum safety standards required. Also these child safety seats are easy to install in many vehicles, easy to adjust for proper harness fit, and convenient when changing from car to car. Due to the fact that you might be using a convertible seat for many years, it’s generally a good idea to completely look at all of your options by reading convertible car seat reviews 2016 before you decide to buy best convertible seats for safety. Checkout below – top 10 car seats for your kids safety.

No-01:  Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat

Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat

Britax Advocate ClickTight is a standard seat for car which is useful for 5 – 65 pounds children. It is setup in rear position for receiving forty pounds weight which is setup with the adult seat or Latch connectors. A chest pad is available with Britax Advocate. It has built in safe cell technology. There is side impact protection. It has safe & click snug harness indicator. The safe cell technology of Britax Advocate features are designed to absorb the pressure in a crash.

The safe cell technology of this convertible car seat manages crash energy that is applicable for forward head movement when keeping the clip of the chest is installed properly. The SICT features provide energy absorbing cushions which can reduce the collision energy up to forty five percent. This feature can divert collision forces away from the children. This feature provides an excellent safety in roads. This Britax ClickTight has extra layer of EPP foam. It keeps safe the neck, head and spine from serious physical damage. The EPP foam of this seat distributes crash forces. This device has an audible feature which provides extra protection.

No-02:  Chicco Nextfit Zip Car Seat (Sapphire)

Chicco NextFit convertible car seat

The Chicco Nextfit is used for the babies of 5-40 pounds in weight. NextFit is the first entry of Chicco’s as the top convertible car seat 2016. Chicco produces this for kid’s safety. It has convenience and numerous safety features. This Chicco Seat has easy installation option. Nextfit works accurately and securely. There is Recline Sure leveling system in the Nextfit zip seat. This system provides nine recline options which is accommodated with a number of vehicles.

This seat has another great feature which is called force multiplying technology. This facility is used to fit this seat with the vehicle at minimum effort. This Nextfit has 2 bubble levels. These levels ensure the right angle in rear & forward facing mode. The LATCH strap of this seat helps to keep you safe in the time of collision. There are two position chest clips with 5 point harness with this Nextfit. This seat has 6 position headrests with harness adjustment. A nice removable cup holder is found in the Nextfit seat. This cup holder is used on two sides of the seat. The seat pad is machine washable.

No-03:  Diono Rainier Convertible Seat (Orchid)

Diono Rainier Orchid Convertible Car Seat

Diono Rainier (Orchid) is the most eye catching convertible plus booster car seats in the market. Also, it is so uniquely built to ensure safety and comfort. The Rainier has all the premium features of a car seat. It comes with a wide weight and height range. If you look at the product closely you will get a clear idea of its built quality. The product is very modern and comes in different color schemes. It really looks cool in your car. There’s another unique feature of it. It tends to last at least for twelve years. So, one Rainier can be a complete companion of your kids’ childhood.

It has a unique combination of quality, safety and looks. Moreover it can easily be marked as a compact car seat, as it doesn’t take much space. It’s more like a seat from a spaceship. Actually it’s an example of modern art. If you look at both the price tag and the product to compare it with others, you will surely find it a wise pick. There’s nothing to exaggerate and nothing to complain about it. Maybe the Diono Rainier (Orchid) is just the product you’ve been looking for.

No-04:  Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Seat

Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

If you don’t have any financial issues, products like Britax Boulevard G4.1 should be your first choice. If you have an SUV or a modern car and want to provide the best possible safety for your child in it you just can’t deny a well decorated seat like this. The new model, G4.1 is the latest version Britax Boulevard that comes with cutting edge safety attributes. These big seats are really cool. It can be both rear and front facing with different weight capacity. The new model is so advanced that it provides ultimate protection from all the way. No other base comes this much decorated for safety.

It’s lighter than previous version. It’s comes in different color scheme and very easy to set up as well as hassle free. Latch connectors that are easy to plug in and plug out. Has a bold kind of look. What else do you look for in a convertible seat? It’s got everything. Well, there are some drawbacks. The material that is used to cover the whole seat is friendly for the kids. It’s really comfortable that’s for sure.

No-05:  Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat

Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat

American Academy of Pediatrics suggests this item for child safety. This is a rear-facing seat. It can receive forty pounds weight. This seat is identical than others. This seat is simple to install. The depth of this is twenty seven inches. This depth is larger than other car seats. The forward facing option is few inches smaller than other car seats. The seat width is 20.8’’ which is higher than its other competitors. There is a double cup holder option. You can set up cup holder on two sides.

The height of this is twenty six inches which is below the regular level. The weight of this is 15.8 lbs. This is light weight which is easier to transport in many places. The rear facing of this seat is used for four to forty pounds weight. The forward option can receive the toddlers from twenty – sixty five pounds.

No-06:  Chicco Nextfit Zip Convertible Seat (Ibis)

Chicco Nextfit Zip Ibis Convertible Seat

The Chicco Nextfit Zip (Ibis) is for those children who deserve the best and for those parents who doesn’t hesitate to provide the best for their children. It’s a massive boldly built Convertible car seat. This seat is different from others because they maximize the safety of your child in the car. They are not portable and weight a lot. This is the perfect product to be in your luxury vehicle. The name itself defines the product. The padding can be unzipped with a single zipper and cleaned inside washing machine. If you don’t have any financial issues I’d recommend you to get this convertible seat for your child, or at least for your car.

The thing is that you can’t find any faults in this model. The safety is unmatched with any other safety seat. It takes only a few seconds to install the Nextfit Zip in your car. Well, something must be mentioned in this part. You will often find it difficult to put your tall child inside this best convertible car seat. This is interesting and really mandatory quality was never overlooked while the seat was being designed.

No-07: Diono Radian RXT car seat (Storm)

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat (Storm)

The Diono Radian RXT car seat is another famous car seat. This Radian RXT convertible seat is useful for the child up to 5 – 125 pounds. It can’t support more than 57 inches children. The Diono Radian RXT can receive more heights than Britax G4. Other famous car seats don’t support one hundred & twenty pounds weight, but this Radian RXT seat supports up to 120 pounds weight. It provides you more security than other seats. You can easily buy this for your kid.

This Radian RXT is fit in the rear section in a car. It has Super LATCH connectors. These are used for secure installation. These connectors can be fitted instead of adult seat belt. This Radian RXT seat has Steel alloy frame. This frame is joined with EPS foam. There is Re-in forced head support in this. It has multiple recline positions also. It has Safe Stop five-point harness. There are rear facing connector straps in this seat. The Radian RXT has machine washable seat cover. This car seat is an effective seat both for children and disables people.  This seat comes with all important safety features.

No-08:  Britax Pinnacle G1.1 Manhattan

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 Manhattan Car Seat

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 is for the matured kids and their extra careful parents. If you want to provide safety for your child even after it gets into pre-schooling. The first thing I must bring about this is that, the origin of the product is in the soil of USA. So, the quality is unquestionably great. The Pinnacle can house kids from 25 to 120 pounds. This weight limit is for growing kids. And probably it would be a second stage infant seat for your kid. If you think that you won’t compromise with the safety of your child. Or you can’t just rely on the seat belt then don’t hesitate to pick this.

The materials of Pinnacle are of optimal quality. They don’t bring out perception in your child. This saves them from catching cold or other skin problems. The straps are not rough on them though they are really tight and secured. The head rest of the Pinnacle servers nicely. You can change the height to fit your child with the push of a button. Even you don’t have to hassle setting up the seat. Cleaning it is also very easy.

No-09:  Clek Fllo Convertible Child Seat

Clek Fllo Convertible Child Seat

In a single word The Clek Fllo by Clek is the “Best” that you will see in the market. It is also the most compact and safest convertible car seat. Compact is the one of the most concerned concepts of modern world. Do you know what the main beauty of the Fllo is? It’s in its design. The seat can house kids up to 65 pounds and 49 inch, yet it doesn’t take a lot of space and provides more safety. The built quality of Fllo will surprise you. Although it comes with a huge price tag, the features are amazing. I would highly recommend it for your kids if you are okay with the price.

There are some things you just can’t compromise with. Your child’s safety is on top of that list. Perhaps you are thinking about buying a new car seat for your growing child. This will be a great product. The product is an all star one. It has everything you look for in a convertible car seat. It will never be a waste of money. And you can use it for a long time as it gives a wide weight capacity.

No-10: Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

The Evenflo Tribute LX is called the most economical convertible car seats 2016. The price of the seat is more less then others in the market. This is a nice product by Evenflo which provides you safety. This Tribute LX is a child seat that has many effective features. This item can ensure you the options on both facing facilities. It is built for safe & comfort in a journey. The setup process of this seat is very easy, if you read the manual. This Evenflo Tribute LX is a standard and cheap priced seats for your car.

You can attach this convertible seat in a vehicle. Evenflo LX has many attractive safety features; these are side-impact bolsters and a reinforced frame. This Tribute LX has exceeded many tests by NHTSA. There is a body pillow with it. The fabrics of this are dryer safe and machine washable. The Depth is eighteen inches that is fitted well in a tiny car. The width is 17-inches that indicate it is a narrow seat. The Height is 25-inches that are a low height. This is a lightweight seat which indicates that it is useful for traveling. It is also useful for flight use which is approved by FAA.

Types of Car Seat –

Before you buy a car seat for your child or growing kid, you must know some things about car seats. There are many models of best car seats available in the market. It’s not like buying groceries. So, you have to be sure about the product you are going to buy. Infant car seat, convertible seat, booster seat, you might have heard these names before. Have you ever bothered what they actually are?

Well car seats for children that are sold in the market vary from size, purpose and many other features. But the basic is same. They all keep the child tightly placed inside them and protect it with their padding. The first thing is to know different types of car seats for children.

  • Infant Car Seat

It’s the most portable ones. Infant car seats are for children ageing from birth to two years. They can carry weight up to 30 lbs. They are very lightweight and can easily be carried around with the baby inside. This gives you added benefit when you go shopping. Or, if you think that you’re going to take a walk in the park with your child then you can just take it out and place it in a stroller. These types of car seats lack premium safety features as they are not framed enough like the booster seats. But this makes them lighter. Most of these seats are rear facing. They are fun in the strollers but not so much in your car. Also, if you want you can buy additional bases for them for easy installation and more protection.

Being lightweight doesn’t suggest that these infant car seats are unsafe. They have to go through many close inspections and safety tests. These are perfect for the primary stage of the baby and they cost less than the convertible car seats. Rather buying one that supports weight capacity from 5 to 100 lbs or more can give you more hassle. They provide a wide weight range but actually aren’t designed for the tiny ones.

  • Convertible Car Seat

These new type has outdated the infant car seats. Because, if you can go for two or more years with a single product why would you buy an infant seat individually? Top convertible car seats have a wide range of weight capacity. They can house kids from 5 to 120 lbs or more. They are mainly an updated version of booster seats. And as always booster car seats are always safer than infant car seats. If you are looking for a best car seats that will meet all your needs these are ones you probably are looking for. They can be both front and rear facing.

  • Booster Car Seat

Your baby must become a toddler to be able to sit inside a booster seat. The minimum weight capacity of booster seat beings from 25 lbs. and the maximum limit is above 100 lbs. Booster car seats are the ultimate protectors of your school going grown up kids. They look lovely and are completely dedicated for kids. Rather the design is flawless and doesn’t cause problems in setting up or in the harness like best convertible car seat 2016.

While you buy a top rated car seat – be sure to check the basic features like dimension and weight capacity. They must match with your kids’ requirements. Booster seats are a little bit uneasy and unfit for skinny kids and smaller cars. Though, they are looking very beautiful. There is some booster car seat 2016 what looks astonishing and very much modern. Some look so beefy and bold that they announce their safety by themselves.

What is a Convertible Car Seat?

It is a great question by many potential customers. Before purchasing a seat, you should find out the efficiency of the product. Now it is question, what is a convertible Car Seat? This sort of car seat is used for children. It should have many features. This seat gives the options for rear and forward facing. These seats are designed for ultimate safety and comfort in a vehicle. For most of the time, child seats have many options. You can easily increase the size of the heights and widths according to requirements. Child seats are easily adjustable.

Why Using a Convertible Car Seat?

This 21th century has been full of variety of advancements and creativeness in technology. These advancements have helped create easier life and more well-off. One such example is that the top convertible car seat 2016. A Convertible seats is a seat designed especially for children to protect them from injury or death during accidents. These car seats are legally needed in number of countries, including the United States, to safely transport children up to the age of 2 or more in cars & other vehicles.

Who needs this Car Seats?

It is a complex question. According to the report of the manufacturers, this seats are efficient for children. It is also appropriate for infants who have weights at least 5 pounds or more. These best car seats are also applicable for the people who exceed the weight up to 40 to 65 pounds. Some seats are efficient for disable people. It depends on the model. Some seats support the height up to 40 to 52 inches. Most of the best car seat 2016 can support the maximum weight of 45 pounds. You can use these seats for 7 years child in a car or SUV.

Best of Best Convertible Car Seat 2016

Why I Should Buy this Car Seat?

As you may have noticed in the car seat reviews 2016 that you’ve read so far, there are specific differences among the different types of car seats in their safety features and in functionality. Toddler seats are safety seats designed for infants up to 2 years of age, weighting no more than 35 pounds. These best infant car seat 2016 are smaller than convertible one, and they face the rear of the car when placed in the back seat.

This car seats are in the mid-range of age groups for small children in terms of child protection, and are meant for toddlers between the ages of 2 to 4 years, with a maximum weight that does not exceed 70 pounds. This can be both front facing and rear facing when placed on the back seat of the car. Booster seats are much bigger seats made for children who’re between the ages of 4 to 8. They are for small kids who’re not tall enough to be strapped with regular seat belts, and have all the features.

These are specially designed for infants and toddlers. They come with a special inbuilt five point harness which safely secures the baby. Parents love these best convertible car seats 2016 because they ensure the safety of their children while driving through the traffic. In many countries, having small children safely tucked up in convertible seats are mandatory by law. It is very easy to use and much more comfortable for your child than an average car seat.

The best travel car seat for kids will protects your kids from getting injured in a minor road accident. The angle at which these seats are inclined at 30-45 degrees – is just perfect and ensures the safety of your child in an accident. Babies have soft bones and so need all the protection they can get.

These are made of top quality material; the straps used in them are durable and strong. They come with two separate belt paths, one of which is used when the seat is rear facing, and the other when it is forward facing. Always check the labels attached to the seat belts to find out if they are meant for forward facing or rear facing before strapping them on your child.

Another thing you must do is to fill up the application form while buying a new car seats and send it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer would keep you notified about any new developments on your model. Also, this way, if there are any safety issues with the seat that you find out later, you can have it replaced by contacting the manufacturer.

Safest Convertible Car Seats 2016

Convertible car seats are meant to provide comfort for a child when traveling. If you are driving alone and do not have anybody to reinforce you in carrying the child, these seats provide a memorably appropriate response. The child will be comfortable and protected even when you are driving at a high speed. As long as you select the safest convertible car seats 2016 that provide maximum comfort and are able to fit appropriately in the car, the results will be amazing.

Features of Best Car Seat 2016

Before buying a seat, you must consider few things, these are given below:

  • Having Height & Weight Limits – It is an important feature for a seat. Before purchasing a seat, you must ensure that the seat has the options for height and weight limits. These seats are designed for new born and aged children. You can easily change height and weight according to requirements.
  • Changing Position Option – It is another important feature for a good convertible car seat 2016. If there is no such option, you should not buy it. All best car seats 2016 should have options for forward and rear facing.
  • Having 5-Point Harness – A good seat has five point harnesses. It can keep your children safe at the early stage of their childhood.
  • Having Proper Support – It is important for growing children. These seats are designed for providing appropriate supports to the children during the period of driving. It helps to keep their head safe from accident.
  • Having Appropriate Protection – Most of the famous car seats 2016 have appropriate protection options. It can save your children from serious head or chest injury during the period of accident or collision. It can also save your children from neck injury. It includes Helmet and seat belt. It can protect your children at every stage.

Who is ensuring the quality of the seats?

There are many organizations in the world that provide the quality of the best convertible car seats 2016. In USA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has the ability to verify the quality of the seats. They test all car seats before supplying to the US market.

NHTSA has a branch for verifying the quality of a seat. They ensure the safety and durability of the product. All good infant car seat 2016 has 5 star ranking products. It is not a good idea to buy a below standard seat for child safety. These seats can’t provide appropriate safety. That’s why you must buy it carefully.

It can protect your child from serious head injury. If a seat is available for sale in the year of 2016, it must pass the current safety rules by the US government. Now it is your responsibility to choose the best convertible car seat after reading convertible car seat reviews for your child safety, then you will be able to keep your child safe forever.

How to setup a convertible car seat?

Before installing a convertible car seat in a vehicle, you must understand the installation procedures carefully.  Instruction manual helps you to setup the car seat accurately in the vehicle. According to the news of NHTSA, three out of four seats are not properly installed in the vehicle which is an alarming situation. For safety requirements, people should verify the installation procedures by professionals. It can be setup at the backseat. For toddlers and babies under age of two, install the convertible car seat in the position of rear facing.

How to Clean a Car Seat?

If your child’s car seat is dirty, it can cause many diseases. It’s very unhygienic and will eventually make your car stinky like hell. You must keep it clean for the baby and for the car. Cleaning is always boring, but as a parent you must do it. If your baby spills juice or anything on the seat just rub it with a dry cloth or tissue and then spread some baby powder on it. This will stop the stain from being permanent.

Modern baby car seats come with removable covers. They are super easy to clean. You just have to unstrap or unzip it first. If you can’t find out how to take out the cover, seek help from the manual. Also, there are some video tutorials about it. Once it’s out it’s ready to take a dive in the washing machine. Wash it like all other clothes. Don’t forget to dry it up correctly. Then take some antiseptic agent on a clean dry piece of cloth and gently clean the inner portion of the seat before strapping or zipping the outer cover. Leave no dust inside.

Why you should not buy used seats?

According to the report of the manufacturers, you should not purchase used car seats for your children. Most of the seat manufacturers have no guarantee for second hand seats. Before purchasing a used convertible seat, you must verify the history of the seat. Sometimes, the helmet of the seat can be broken or seat belts are not working properly. There is a risk for low grade components. There is no guarantee for ensuring us a safety.

It is a good idea to buy a new one after reading convertible car seat reviews 2016 from the manufacturers. For most of the time, they provide warranty for these seats. You can easily find best convertible car seat 2016 at Amazon with discount directly sold by manufacturers.

How to Buy Best Car Seat?

Car seats are relatively modern child safety equipment. Have you been in one in your childhood? Most probably not! So, it’s not the kind of information you can seek out from elders. If you don’t have knowledge about some things concerning baby seats you have a possibility of ending up with a car seat that will not be of any good use to your kid. You must be careful about buying one. Don’t worry. I’m here to guide you about buying the best car seat 2016.

Before you get a car seat for your kid there are some things you must bring under consideration and there are some things you just can’t overlook. First of all take weight and height of your little angel. This will give you a clear idea about the products that will meet your child’s demand. Then you’ve to decide whether you want a portable one or you want a car seat that you won’t take out until your child gets old enough to fit inside seat belts. Now, bring the following facts under consideration.

  • Is it Convertible or Not?

Okay, you already know that there are three types of car seats available in the market. The infant seats, the booster seats and the convertible car seats. You will easily be puzzled about what to buy. Now, take a look at the purpose of the car seats. If you divide your child’s growth into different stages the first stage is from 5 to 25 lbs. you will need a best infant car seat for this stage. And after that stage you will need a different car seat, best booster car seat. Booster seats are ranged from 25-120 lbs. There’s a difference between the sitting postures in this two models. The infant seats are rear facing and deep. Where the booster seats are forward facing and extended. But both of these types of seats are kinda outdated now. Why? Because who would want to pay double for baby seats.

Yes, Top convertible car seats are the new charm. They are getting more and more popular day by day. These seats can be both rear and front facing. This dual operation gives it an enormous weight capacity ranging from 5 to 120 lbs. So, what do you get? You get a product that will grow up with your kid that will be a part of its childhood. Convertible seats cost a slight more than booster seats. But the utility is amazing. You will save around 300 dollars or more if you buy cheap convertible car seat. Actually there’s a thing here. It’s more of booster seat in nature, must be kept inside a car and hard to remove and carry around. That means even convertible seats doesn’t provide portability.

It’s up to you now. But remember best convertible car seats 2016 are very much safe and comfortable. Going for it is always a better option if you have a stroller or baby strap. Oh, one more thing, it’s almost impossible to carry inside an airplane. So, parents who travel a lot. It’s not for you. 🙁

Top Rated Convertible Car Seat 2016

  • What are the Child Safety Features?

When it comes to children then safety should be the first priority. The ultimate goal of a baby car seat is to protect the child in the event of an accident. Keeping that crucial thing in mind all the brands are in a sort of a competition of making their product more and more safe. They leave no stones unturned while designing the safety features. Also, as a concerned parent it’s your duty to inspect the safety features of the baby seats. You just can’t overlook the safety features and compromise it for expenses and comfort. Even the brands are very much concerned about it. They prioritize safety over anything.

>> FAA Certified – If you are going to buy best baby car seat look for the FAA certified seals. This basically permits the baby seat to be in an aircraft. If you travel often don’t even think about getting one that doesn’t have FAA approval. Generally products like these are sent through a lot of tests before sending them to the market. All types of security tests should be passed by the product to meet the US safety standard.

>> A 5-Point Harness – Remember, five point harness is a safety feature that does two things. First of all, it protects the child from falling or bouncing off the seat. Secondly, it will restrict your child’s movement. It’s basically a great feature for you if you have a sprightly toddler. Another thing is that a five point harness keeps the child in its proper posting in the event of an accident. Instead of ramming the shock wave in a single place the harness distributes the impact in different parts of the body. Your desired convertible car seat 2016 must have a five point harness with it.

>> Look for Side Impact Protection – To serve its goal a top rated car seat must be equipped with advanced energy absorption solutions. Because this features save lives. There are different impact protection methods you’ll find in an infant car seat or booster seat. Side protection is one of those mandatory features. The sides of seat should be protected with multiple layers of EPS foams. It will keep the child’s head safe. Some brands also provide air cushioning. Oh, also look for steel or aluminum frames on the sides. The headrest is also important. It will protect the child from head and neck injury. So, a great convertible seat must have these impact absorbing cushions.

  • What about Accessories?

Things like the base of the seat are also important. A product that has detachable base will benefit both you and the kid. Bases in booster and convertible car seats are designed to absorb shock and place the whole unit more firmly on the seat. While in the infant seats the bases are detachable from the upper part. You can directly take the seat out with the baby inside and place it on the other car or in compatible strollers.

If you have more than one car you have to use both for transporting the baby you can be in a tricky situation. As the booster seat bases aren’t detachable you have to either buy two of them or carry the 30-40 lbs unit. If you get the infant seats you don’t have to go through these hassles. But before you buy one think how you are going to use it. There are many additional items in the market that should be bought with these car seats. They add safety and comfort.

Infant or booster whatever the seat is, they have their own purposes. Like, infant seats provide more accessories. You can even get compatible strollers with them. Bear in mind that buying them together on any online store can save you up-to hundred bucks. If you have more than one cars just buy additional bases. But boosters aren’t this much flexible. You don’t have to buy anything if you have a booster seat. Why should you if your child can walk or run by itself. Don’t forget about those additional accessories like nets or protectors to protect your leather seat or mirrors to see your child’s face, the backseat organizers, shades for side window, cup holders and many more. Nowadays you’ll probably get anything you can imagine.

  • Extra Features

There are a whole lot of things you need to look for in a baby seat. The skin material is for example. Do you know what the best material for an infant car seat is? A material what is easy to clean and won’t make your baby sweat. Look for products built with such materials.

The baby seat should be an easy to clean one. They are really comfortable for the parents as babies do get messy sometimes. Units that come with detachable covers are the best in this case. You have to just unstrap or unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine.

One click, one pull, one touch locks are often found in modern baby seats. They can be helpful for easy set up and removal. It also saves time and effort. You don’t have to struggle with these things. Products with these mechanisms are really modern and they blend gently with your modern lifestyle.

Some products are compact and some are beefy and bold. Which one is the best? Well, it’s mostly up to you to decide. Each of the designs has its own benefits. Compact designs save a lot of space and sometimes allow room for three car seats in your backseat. On the other hand those muscle seats are really safe and comfortable. Color scheme is also very important. There are some premium product that comes in different colors and designs. Color schemes allow you to pick right one among boys’ and girls’ product.

Sometimes more features are also provided with the car seats. These include handle bar, canopy, cup holders, levellers, special locks and many more. These are minor features but they tend to make the seats more comfortable for kids and their parents.

Where to Buy Best Convertible Car Seat?

Amazon – Yes, go if you want the best deals of top car seats. You will not find that much variety on malls or super shops. On there you can choose from hundreds of different models, compare it with other products and get exciting discounts also. Moreover you get to know the user’s experience of the product. Browse all you want before you make your decision. Also, you get to buy additional accessories in the same place. So, what are you waiting for? Go Amazon and start searching for the products that can cherish your needs?

There are also many more benefits of buying a product at Amazon with Amazon baby registry. Sometimes, there’s no shipping cost, you can return the product, get warranty and many more. On the other hand, to find a best toddler car seat 2016 of choice you have to go from shops to shops. That is really painful.

Why Should You Trust our Reviews?

Who else would you trust but us? We have years of first hand experience about baby seats. We have gone through every single word ever written about it. Those long discussions with many parents, our own experience of using different seats, we’ve inspected hundreds of car seats. Learned every possible thing about them, why do we do all these?

Because, we want your child to have the best, what it deserves. Because, we aim at making your life easier because, we want to be a part of the joy of parenthood. We care because we actually care for children. Child safety is such an issue that must be dealt with care, that can’t anyhow be overlooked. So, we leave no stones unturned while we’re preparing reviews. Now, you show us a good reason for not trusting our car seat reviews.

Best Value: Convertible Seat 2016

Conclusion – To Make Right Decision

I hope that by now you know almost everything about infant or booster or convertible car seats. Now what you have to do is fix your budget and think how you are going to be benefited by the product. Think how often you travel. If you already have a stroller for your kid then I’d recommend you convertible seats. But please, don’t carry a child without a best car seats in your car. It could be fetal. Let me remind you once again, the ultimate goal of a baby car seat is to provide safety for the child during a car tour. You will literally be amazed to see so many records of children, surviving accidents only because of these seats.

An infant car seat is a thing that you must buy. Imagine you have a month old child, you are alone and have to go somewhere important and you don’t have any car seats. What could you do? Do you think you would be able to drive like that? Never ever! So, keep your child secured and be free from all the anxiety. Oh yes, one last thing. Drive safe.

Thank you for spending your valuable time and going through this best convertible car seat reviews 2016. I hope that it has given you proper guidance about buying the best car seat for your child. By now you should have gathered enough confidence about choosing your product. Choose the seat very carefully; your child’s life will depend on it. Happy parenting! 🙂