Is baby wearing better than car seat carrying?

Car seat carrying is becoming a modern style to carry our children. Parents are now taking it as a fashionable style. Where, the baby wearing is considered as a backdated style to carry the children.

Modern parents feel ashamed to carry their children on the backdated style or the baby wearing. But all the fashionable styles are good or safe for children? We can use here a perfect quotation for this matter…

Baby Wearing

‘Old’ is ‘Gold’

Yes! The backdated style is still now the safest style for carrying our baby outside of our vehicles. There is nothing to feel ashamed. Parents who are smart from their brain, they always follow the style because the baby wearing is safer than the available best convertible car seat carrying for children.

The parents who are well concerned about the benefits of the baby wearing, they always avoid the car seat carrying for their children to carry them outside of their vehicles.

We are going to share here the right choice between the baby wearing and car-seat carrying. To take the decision we are going to take help from Dr. Andrew Dodge. He is an expert and also a parent.

From here, our discussion about the title is begun…

Andrew is a doctor, who always deals with mothers and children. He always gets the patients who are mothers or children. Every day he saw the parents who use both the baby wearing and car-seat carrying. He works with other doctors in a clinic and it is located in Texas.

So they always watch that parents are using the car seat carrying more than the baby wearing. Not only in their clinic, but also outside the clinic, they were in a lookout for the same thing. Parents are very fond of using car seat carrying. But it is very a very careless step of parents who are using the car seat carrying to carry their children. Where they should use baby wearing to carry their children outside of the car.

As a doctor, he has enough knowledge about the advantage and disadvantage of both the car seat carrying and baby wearing. So they decide to make the parents conscious of the fact. They discourage them from using the car seat carrying. Besides, they also encourage them about using baby wearing.

Such a noble work!

Baby car seat manufacturers have made everything to make it easy for the parents transport their children from home to the car and then to their destination in a car seat. The companies give the facility to transport the children without moving them. Our life goes on a daily schedule every day. We do not get enough time to change their position repeatedly.

Yes, it is really hard for the parents to maintain so many things together. Even then, you have to maintain your major duty for the safety of your children.  He, his wife and also his other colleagues do not take the baby carrying as a safe choice for the children. Babywearing is the best choice to keep the children safe. It is helpful for your baby’s optimal structural, physiological, neurological and emotional development.

We are going to explain every part separately here…

  •  Structurally:

The spine of the newborn child has a big C-shape. Their posture is flexed completely. Like, they stayed inside their mother’s womb. When their postural muscles become stronger, they become able to straight their head up alone. After that, the child’s neck gets the curve perfectly. Like that, when the children start to move and crawl around, the back portion of the children got the proper curve.

 It takes baby’s first year to develop the curves properly. It is a very important time for developing the baby’s nervous system and spinal cord. It is also much important for their hip joints and spinal cords. In the work, the muscular and spinal development happens in the excellent biochemical position. Gravity aids the tone of postural muscle development in the perfect worn position.

So now if our babies in the child car seat lay flat for a long time on their back, the spine stars effect by the effects of gravitational to straighten the curves which are developing. The developing of plagiocephaly can be the cause of deformation for lying on their backs for a long period.

These changes affect in many sides: proper joint alignment of spinal and biomechanics of weight-bearing, development of ligament and strength around the hip and spine joints, biochemical and muscle tone development, and the child’s neurological development.

The short duration of time will not do so much harm to our children but it can be so damaging to children if you leave the children in their car seat for a long time. So take your baby in the best travel car seat only when they are traveling in the car.

But when they are outside of the car seat, do not use the car seat carrying. Long time use of the car seat for your children can bring permanent harmful effect. So use a sling, wrap or soft structured carrier for your baby when you guys are not in the car. So it will be much helpful for the baby’s developing body and you also stay hands-free to work comfortably.

  • Neurologically:

When our children are worn, the children accelerate brain maturation. In the worn position, the baby can easily get the vision from every angle. Babywearing can develop the vestibular system of the baby, which we are known as the center of the brain.

The vestibular system of the baby or the brain’s balance centers gets a good amount of input from the baby-wearing. The development of neurological pathways is not only the beneficial side of that movement. But that also helps to build up the brain properly.

Intrinsic muscles of spinal and core musculature get the proper tone. That will give the baby’s body the balance ability, stabilize and coordinate itself with complex or simple movements.

To develop the brain these parts work as the primary centers and also help with lying down and grow the rest part’s foundation of the brain and also body development. If these parts or the foundation of the brain is not strong enough other parts which will build on top of the foundation will not be as developed and strong as it should be.

Moreover, your children will get all options to hear, watch, and interact with their surroundings. They will able to have the look of all the movements and colors, learn the social behavior between parents and others, and also see the facial appearance of the people during their conversations.

These things will bring a great effect on the developing brain of the baby. Otherwise, she/he will not adopt the normal behavior which a growing baby normally adopts at this age. So let them free and give the opportunity to see and hear. It is the main stage of the crucial development of the baby’s brain.

On the other side, when a baby is able to hold his or her head up and she or he is spending most of the time in the child car seat, she or he will not get the opportunity to watch the surrounding view of the world. These babies only get the front view. The babies only get the movement, when the car seat is moved from one place to another place.

Is it enough? – Of course not!!!

When the babies are in the wearing, they do not experience different kind of motions which are necessary for them. So, if we judge the baby wearing and car-seat wearing from the baby’s brain development angle, then the preferable choice should be the baby wearing.

Emotionally and physiologically, newborn children can generally rely on their parents’ emotions and physiology to support regulates them. When a baby is close to his parents, he can regulate his heart rate, breathing rate, emotions, body temperature, immunity levels and stress levels.

This is one of the reasons, why children become “clingy” in their sick condition. When the baby will stay close to you, they will be able to increase body temperature and will also be able to increase their antibody production to fight with their illness.

This baby wearing let you build up the deep and strong bond with your children emotionally and physiologically. Without the baby wearing, you could not hold your children so close. You would never get any chance to build such the deep bond of physiology and emotion.

Car seats are stupid from that respect. 🙂

The car seat would never give both you and your children to create the soul bonding. It does not let the children regulate temperature, increase immunity function, gain weight, reduce levels of stress and even it will never let them calm.

Some more advantages of the baby wearing…

  • The infants become hungry often. So the mothers have to breastfeed pretty often. You know that the milk alone can fulfill the nutrition of the baby. So the baby has nothing so important meal than the milk of their mother.

Besides that, this breastfeeding also very important for the mothers and the children to build up their deep relationship. This feeding emotionally attaches the children with the mother. It is a long desirable wish of a mother that, she will feed her own breast milk to her child. It is a divine pleasure.

 So, the mother may have to feed the children at any moment. They need to hold the children near their breast. Only in this respect, the baby wearing can help the mother to hold up their children.

The baby wearing raises the ability of the breastfeeding of the mother. Mothers can easily hold their babies and easily feed them when they are hungry. But, a car seat carrying will never give you this type of facilities. It will not come in any use at this matter.

 If you have to feed your baby with the bottle of milk or the feeder, then also the car seat carrying will not help you. Because when you have to feed them with the feeder you will have to keep them close to you so that they can drink properly and without any hassle. So you are getting the point that a baby wearing can only keep your baby so close to you and also can help you to feed your baby.

  • Many years of studies have proved that babies cry less when they are worn in slings. When the baby stays in that position, he rarely cries in a day. But without keeping them close, they cry several times in a day. It is a great annoying matter for both the parents and children. It makes the children scared.

The developing brain then begins to eject stress hormones and it is a great threat to a newborn baby. It can be caused a long term brain damage to the baby. So, baby wearing give the opportunity to the parents to look after their children with great care.

  • A mother does not get proper time to look after for herself, after being a new mother. Because she has to look after her children for 24 hours of a day. She cannot leave them alone. But the mothers should also take care of themselves. After delivery, a mother should do some exercise to keep their body fit. She should go for a walk every day.

But how they will do so!  

Yes, she can. She can take her baby with her in the morning or the evening walk. She can carry her baby in the sling and can easily complete her regular exercise. So, it will become helpful for the mother and also for the baby. Mother will be able to keep herself healthy and the child will also get some fresh air and also some new experience.

Yes, of course, she should also take extra care of her children when she will bring them outside with her. She can also do the exercise at her home if she has enough ground for her regular exercise.

  • Beside the infants, you can use the baby wearing for your toddler also. You can carry a child in the baby wearing, whose weight is from 35 to 40 pounds. It is a perfect weight capacity for a toddler. Like an infant, your toddler can seem the world as a scary place. Toddlers are older than the infants.

But they are not so much older that we can leave them alone in the car seat carrying.  But still, they need proper caring. We should keep them close.   To keep your toddler comfort, you can use the baby wearing anywhere outside of the car. It is the most comfortable way to carry your both toddler and infant with you.

  • In a marketplace or in a park or in a station, the places always remain crowded. Adult people always face problem to move through the crowded place.

Do you ever think that how much your children will stay safe in the car seat carrying when you will carry them through the crowded place in this type of carriers? We often do not get free space to walk freely. So how we will manage enough space for the baby car seat carrier?

It is quite impossible for the parents to move the children in this carrier with them at these places. First of all, your baby will not stay safe. Because, the carrier stays close to your knee and at this position, we cannot keep the carrier secure. So, your baby can get seriously injured. And secondly, in your moving way it would be a great pain to manage the free room for the carrier.

But, a baby wearing can solve the entire problem. In the baby wearing, you can keep your baby near your chest. So you can easily move with your baby in the crowded places. When your baby is staying near to your chest, you can easily take care of them and also can keep them safe from any injury. Baby wearing will keep your hands free. Besides holding your child, you can also carry your luggage easily with you alone.

  • You have to spend a good amount of money for the car seat carrying. Besides that, you have to also pay for its maintenance. But one the other side, you can make the baby wearing at your home. You just need clothes, cotton, batting, some rings, and awls.

With some instruction, you can make it for your baby within an hour. Again, for your comfort, many companies have launched their own product of baby wearing on the market. You just need to pay from, $25 to $50 to get the suitable baby wearing for your beloved baby.

This baby wearing can be used for a long time also. A single wearing can be used more than two years. So you do not have to think about the extra cost of the baby wearing. It is much cheap for every parent. So do not hesitate to buy a baby wearing, if though you have a car seat carrying.

Now it is the decision time!

So, do not shy and widen your knowledge about the advantage and disadvantage of baby wearing and car seat carrying. Take the right decision before it becomes too late for both of you and your children. We hope you get your right choice from this detailed discussion.

If you are still running under the confusion that which will be the best choice between the baby wearing and car seat carrying. Then our straight answer will be that there is nothing better except the using of baby wearing when the baby is outside of the car.

There is no need of any comparison between them, where the baby wearing is superior from every angle.  So we should use the right thing in its right position. Use the car seat carrying in the car, where it is necessary for the baby’s safety. Moreover, use the baby wearing outside of the car, where it is badly needed for their physical, mental and also for the relation development.


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