Best Convertible Car Seats of 2017 – Buying Guide (Top List)

Best convertible car seat 2017 list

If your child needs to be in a car, it must be kept protected inside a safety seat!

What could be safer than the best convertible car seats of 2017?

Now, there are so many models, so many manufacturers of this product that can drive you crazy.

That’s why we are here to assist you in making your decision, to tell you the truths behind the best available convertible seats and inform you everything that you need to know about these.

Far too many innocent lives of children have been lost in accidents. The scenario could have been different with the proper use of child safety seats, specially the convertible seats.

Your being here suggests that you are looking forward to knowing the best reviews on convertible seats. Well, here we go, why don’t you start by introducing yourself with the top models.

Best Convertible Car Seat 2017 (TOP PICK)

Here are the best available convertible car seats that our experts have sniffed out for you. They have remarked them on the basis of their safety and comfort.

ImageProduct NameValue
Chicco Nextfit Zip best convertible car seat 2017Chicco Nextfit Zip (Sapphire)90
Britax Boulevard G4.1 best convertible car seats 2017Britax Boulevard G4.1 (Onyx)88
Diono Radian RXT best convertible car seat 2017Diono Radian RXT All-In-193
Graco My Ride best convertible car seat 2017Graco My Ride 65 LX87
Britax Pinnacle best convertible car seats 2017Britax Pinnacle G1.1 ClickTight95
Chicco NextFit best convertible car seat 2017Chicco NextFit (Matrix)83
Evenflo Tribute best convertible car seats 2017Evenflo Tribute LX (Saturn)86

Top Convertible Car Seat Reviews (In Details)

Now, you just can’t pick the shield for your child only by depending on a list, can you? That’s why we have prepared easy consumable detailed convertible car seat reviews for you. With their help you can select the model. Don’t scroll down so fast, take your time. These honest reviews can lead you to the perfect seat that your child needs and that you have been looking for.

Chicco Nextfit Zip – Sapphire – Safest Convertible Car Seat

Chicco Nextfit Zip (Sapphire) best convertible car seat 2017

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If we are told to pick the safest convertible car seat of 2017, we would always go with this one. Now, there are so many technologies of fancy names have been included in this seat. But the most interesting thing that we have found is, all the technologies are effective in doing what they are designed to do. The Nextfit has many models but the Sapphire is the best one in our eyes.

The Chicco Nextfit is for babies weighting from 5 to 65 lbs. It has convenience and numerous safety features. The seat is more focused in appropriate installation and this has two benefits. The biggest benefit that comes from that 9 point leveling and super clinch latch is a more secured child restraint and that is enough to ensure the safety of the child. Another great benefit of these two feature is that, it is really easy to install in any car and takes very little effort from your side. We know, installing a convertible seat can be a real pain for you. With this new and improved design you won’t have to worry about that.

This seat has another great feature which is called force multiplying technology. This feature is super useful in fitting the seat with the car’s seat at minimum effort. This Nextfit has 2 bubble level indicators that is just the cherry on the top. These levels ensure the right angle in rear & forward facing mode. The LATCH strap of this seat helps to keep you safe in the time of collision. There are two position chest clips with 5 point harness with this Nextfit.

This seat has 6 position headrests with harness adjustment. A nice removable cup holder is found in the Nextfit seat. This cup holder is used on two sides of the seat. The seat pad is also detachable from the seat and is machine washable. So, you see everything here is adjustable and the overall built quality of this resets the bar for any other luxury convertible car seat in the market. It’s the best thing you can provide for your child but be aware of its price tag.

The Pros:

  • Best Fitting on its class
  • Easiest instillation
  • Unzip-able Cover
  • Enough Side Impact Protection

The Cons:

  • Lacks a strong frame
  • The upper weight limit is a bit low

Britax Boulevard G4.1 – USA Made #1 Brand in Safety Technology

Britax Boulevard G4.1 best convertible car seats 2017

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Britax is a popular name when it comes to child safety seats. It has immense popularity and their Boulevard G4.1 is perhaps the best offering from them. The best part of this top convertible car seat is that the Rear-facing has the weight capability of babies which are 5-40 lbs. The forward-facing position of harness car seat allows the children who are from 20-65 lbs. You might be wondering about the safety level of the seat.

Do you know what is the best side of this new convertible car seat? The SafeCell protection. It is a patented design that Britax introduces to its premium seats. It is basically a structure or frame made of steel that comes with a layer of energy absorbing foam that is decorated in a way that gives maximum protection from any impact. Well, that’s only theory but in reality the success of this technology is as efficient as it sounds. So, if we are asked to pick the most protective convertible seat, then we would go with the G 4.1.

It’s a smartly designed product that tends to reduce the hassle of installation. After consulting with a lot of users we have had reports that this system sometimes jams. This does not mean that it jams on all the units. That’s why we would request you to be careful while you tighten any strap in the G4.1.

Britax Boulevard G4.1 is the updated version of the Britax Boulevard. The weight limit of it is 4 to 65 lbs. Both these numbers are just perfect for a convertible seat. We have something to say here. We have seen confused parents, being in a dilemma whether to give a convertible seat to a newborn. Well you can certainly give a product like G4.1 as it has the minimum weight limit of 4 lbs. Most high priced convertible car seat comes with a minimum weight limit of 5 lbs. This difference of 1 lbs matters a lot as the 5 lbs models are not that suitable for the newborns.

At last we can say that, Britax has given enough effort to make the whole thing comfortable for both you and your child and eventually ended up in making a product that is the safest in the market.

The Pros:

  • It is the latest version of Britax Boulevard
  • Side Walls protect your child properly from the Side Impacts
  • SafeCell Technology is used here and it ensures the highest security
  • LATCH system makes the installation easy and hassle-less
  • Infant pillow has been given for the security and safety for the infants

The Cons:

  • It is a wider seat and takes more space in the car for itself
  • Not usable for all small car
  • The car seat is heavy also and it will create a problem in adjusting

Diono Radian RXT Shadow – Best Buy & ultimate money saver!

Diono Radian RXT (Shadow) best convertible car seat

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Ah! The Radian RXT! the all rounder, the jack of all trades, the ultimate money saver! Yes, so many good things can be said about it. If you are willing to get only a single child safety seat for your child that will be its companion from infancy through toddler hood to the verge of teen age then buy this one and call it a day!

You need to be bold enough to buy a seat like this one. Yes! you have to have guts. No, not for the price tag, you may think that you will be compromising with the safety of your kiddo by buying a single safety seat instead of three individual ones. We did a little digging on this matter. We tried to find, is it really unsafe? But, we could not find anything wrong in buying it. Rather getting an RXT and a cheap infant seat can be the ultimate solution for you.

Know the best thing about it? It can be used at three level. The rear facing mode which is usable for 5 to 45 lbs, the forward facing mode which is usable for 20 to 80 lbs and at last, the booster which is capable of holding toddlers from 80 to 120 lbs. Now, that’s just great if you want to save that extra 400+ $ that you were to waste behind buying these seats individually. But this comes with a problem. As you are to use the same seat for 1o years, you have to make sure that it is used with proper care.

When it comes to the safety of the seat we should point out that, it lacks side impact protection. On the other hand it has one of the hardest frame that you will find in any top of the line convertible car seat. The frame does the majority of the fighting against the impact forces. Other than these the whole thing seemed strong enough and you will know that if you touch it.

It has all those basic safety technologies that is mandatory for a convertible seat and we have nothing to complain in this regard on the contrary we would say the red color is the most attractive one of all the RXTs. It really looks amazing and the whole thing has tons of other great features. If you are a frequent traveler then this is ideal for you. It can be folded and carried on the back with a strap. The compact design also allows you to fit three seats on the backseat. So, this is the best buy in the market.

The Pros:

  • With a high back, its convert to booster car seat
  • Comes with extended five point harness to fit big child
  • It can be used for a child up-to its 120 pounds
  • Comes with reasonable price & various color scheme

The Cons:

  • This seat was made to be a little heavier to make it durable
  • Some parents find positioning problem with their child between leg straps

Graco My Ride 65 LX – Budget Friendly Convertible Car Seat

Graco My Ride 65 LX best convertible car seats 2017

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Looking for a Decent infant seat within budget? Then scroll no more. It is the right thing for you. It has every safety features you need inside an infant seat, has a bold essence in it, widespread side wings for ultimate side impact protection, adjustable LATCH, two cup holders and headrest everything in a budget that everyone can afford.

Moreover it shares some features that you find in high price convertible car seat. It’s covers are removable and machine washable. Another interesting thing here is that, it has a maximum weight capacity of 40 lbs in the rear facing mode. Also, it has enough space from all sides. Now, we encourage parents to keep their child in the rear facing mode for as long as possible, and it’s an ideal product that can go with that request of ours.

The front facing mode can hold child weighting from 20 to 65 lbs. 65 is a moderate number in this regard as there are many models with much higher maximum weight limit stretching up to 120 lbs or so. Now, those product cost two to two hundred fifty dollars more. So, it can’t be a deal breaker for the My Ride 65 LX.

Now, it lacks those fancy installation or leveling features that you find on the premium models. So, you should be prepared to face some difficulties while installing it. But you should also know that this seats are not like the infant seats that you frequently insert and take out. So, this might not be a major issue actually.

Also, it’s not a compact design and has a good width. That’s good for the kid as there is more space inside the seat but if you are willing to fit three of these on your backseat then you will not have that much luck unless you drive those old wide buick packers. Instead of being a cheap convertible car seat it has all the necessary safety features as EPS, LATCH and all that.

The Pros:

  • The Best Price
  • Higher weight capacity on rear facing
  • Comfortable
  • Good safety level

The Cons:

  • Too Wide
  • Installation issues

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 – Easy to Install & Comfortable Enough

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 best convertible car seat 2017

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Want to know the best part? The Installation System of Pinnacle G1.1 ensures that anyone can now install it confidently and securely without facing any problem. You just need to buckle the seat belt properly. It is a compact system of safety issue which will save your child from the car crash and all the features of it work together to perform the defensive role.

It has a Base which is Impact Absorbing, Harness and Tether, a steel frame which is Impact Stabilizing and Complete MAX Protection for Side Impact, SafeCell which means that your child is protected in a surrounded best-in-class safety. It provides the Britax’s top level of security. The deep protective shell absorbs crash energy and works as a shield to protect your child. Your baby’s head and neck stay safe for the headrest which is energy absorbing. The external cushion also plays a defensive role. It diverts energy away from the child passenger.

To make sure the comfort of your child, the angle of your seat can be easily altered by Front-Adjust Recline. As the child grows, Quick Adjust, 2-Position Buckle and 9-Position Harness let you make a secure and comfortable fit.

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 is the best harness-2-booster car seat and its safety is best-in-class and the comfort is also of a premium level. It is a revolutionary installation system in the history of the car seat technology. The headrest especially takes care of child’s head and neck. Plush Padding of Foam delivers the highest comfort to your baby’s every touch point.

You will get cup holder and storage in this best convertible car seat of 2017 for your growing child. To have a sound sleep of your toddler, the Front-Adjust Recline will do its duty. The Harness Mode will be used for the two years children and the weight should be 25-90 lbs. Again the children from 40-120, you can set the seat in Booster Mode. We can assure you; that you can stay tension free. The comfort and protection of Britax Pinnacle G1.1 are the highest levels and it is enough to bring the peace in your mind.

The Pros:

  • The installation system of the seat is very easy for everyone
  • ClickTight has made the installation quick and easy
  • The pad of the seat is premium and also comfortable for a child
  • It has Front-Adjust Recline for child’s sound sleep
  • It has a high-class protection system and it is proved

The Cons:

  • The weight of the seat is heavy enough
  • The seat is much wide for fitting another car seat next
  • The adjusting of the harness can be difficult for the children

Chicco Nextfit Matrix – Easy to Adjust & Easy to Fit Your Child

Chicco NextFit (Matrix) best convertible car seats

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If you are in search of a decent convertible seat with easy installation features then you should take a look at the Nextfit Matrix. It should be a good option for you. It has LATCH tightening system called the SuperCinch. You will get 6 positions for height and the harness is no re-thread. The seat has 2 crotches strap or buckle positions. The chest clip has 2-position. The energy absorbing foam has been used in the seat sides and also in the head wings. Forward-facing and rear-facing position can be installed with seat belt by the Lock-Off system. You will also get 9 positions for Recline. To get the appropriate recline angle you can use the positions. The positions are usable in forward-facing and also in rear-facing.

The surface of the vehicle will not be damaged after using the car seat. The car seat bottom has a smooth base and the base has grip material. The Chicco seat will not damage the vehicles fixed seat where it will have stayed. In the rear-facing position, the seat allows the children who are 5-40 lbs. Again, the forward-facing will allow the children who are 40-65 lbs.

SuperCinch is a tightening system, which makes the installation of the car so easy that anyone even our grandparents can easily install it and also quickly with the help of LATCH. 2 crotches strap and 2 positions of chest clip ensure the child’s security. Chicco NextFit convertible car seat has used energy absorbing foam which will absorb the forces which will produce from the accidents. It is an advanced technology and it will make the journey safe. You can use the car seat in rear-facing and also in forward-facing positions.

You can adjust the car seat to get the appropriate recline angle. You will get the adjustable option in both forward-facing and rear-facing position. The surface of the seat is smooth enough to reduce any damage to your car. The rear-facing position allows 5-40 lbs and forward-facing position allows 40-65 lbs. So it is very usable for the children. The car seat has the certificate to use it in Aircraft. This is crazy that it also has 8 years lifespan. The seat is machine washable. It can be washed easily anytime.

The Pros:

  • It has deep wings for head contains EPS foam
  • The car seat has given Premium LATCH connectors
  • The straps of the harness are thick
  • The quality of the fabric is premium
  • The seat cover is easily removable and washable

The Cons:

  • The NextFit car seat is bulky and cumbersome
  • The Harness is difficult to tighten
  • The material of the seat can get warmed in hot weather

Evenflo Tribute LX – Most Economical Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX best convertible car seat 2017

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The Evenflo Tribute LX is called the most economical as well as best convertible car seat. The price of the seat is less than others in the market. This is a nice product by Evenflo which provides you safety. This Tribute LX is a child seat that has many effective features. This item can ensure you the options on both facing facilities. It is built for safe & comfort in a journey.

The setup process of this seat is very easy, if you read the manual. This is a standard car seat for your baby. You can attach this recommended convertible car seats in a vehicle. It has many attractive safety features; these are side-impact bolsters and a reinforced frame.

This Tribute LX has exceeded many tests by NHTSA. There is a body pillow with it. The fabrics of this are dryer safe and machine washable. The Depth is eighteen inches that is fitted well in a tiny car. The width is 18-inches that indicate it is a narrow seat. The Height is 25-inches that are a low height. This is a lightweight seat which indicates that it is useful for traveling. It is also useful for flight use which is approved by FAA.

The Pros:

  • Better side impact protection with test report
  • Simple & well-fitted buckle adjustment
  • An extra removable head pillow for bigger child
  • Comes with different color variation
  • Low priced child car seat in the market
  • Made in USA

The Cons:

  • 100% polyester that’s why some parents avoid it
  • Though manufacture claims that it can carry child at minimum 5 pounds in weight but it creates uncomfortable situation for the infants

Diono Rainier Orchid – has both Convertible & Booster Options

Diono Rainier (Orchid) best convertible car seats 2017

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Diono Rainier – Orchid has come on the market with its exclusive features. The frame of the seat is fully made with steel. Again the sides are made with aluminum which gives enough strength. Its steel frame ensures the highest safety. Diono Rainier is using energy absorbing foam which will keep your child safe from the side impacts. Both sides have extra deep wall which has energy absorbing foam.

The rear-facing position has the weight capacity of 2.3-22.7 kg or 5-50 lbs. Again forward-facing has the weight capacity of 10-29.5 kg. The car seat has a 5-point harness and it allows not more than 144cm. For 23-54 kg children, you can convert it to a booster. Unique system of SuperLATCH has made the installation comfortable and easy.

This convertible car seat has made with special design to fit it in the car without any hassle. It does not take the extra room and it also gives enough room for the other passengers to sit in the back comfortably. Though it is a space saving car seat, it will not create any problem for the comfort of your child. For travelling, it folds flat and it has got the certification from FAA.

The seat performance has been tested in several accident situations and it proves in the test that it can ensure the safety of the child properly in the conditions of the accidents. And finally, it has passed the NCAP crash test.

On the market, Diono car seat is the only one seat which has convertible and booster options both. It can be converted easily to a booster and it allows the children from 50-120 lbs and height should be less than 57 inches. The reinforced headrest has at list 12 positions for height. Its side walls are deep enough to save your child from the side impact forces.

The Pros:

  • Its weight limits are high and useable for all modes
  • It gives enough room for the child’s leg
  • Head wings give to support the child’s head when the child is sleeping
  • This seat has both convertible and booster options
  • SuperLATCH has made the installation quick and easy

The Cons:

  • This Diono Rainier is not usable for all children
  • Cumbersome to convert from the convertible to the booster mode
  • It is a costly car seat for children

Maxi-Cosi Pria – Premium & Latest Generation Convertible Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Pria - Black Gravel best convertible car seat

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Another great premium level convertible car seat. It is a pretty solid one with enough space and capacity. The top rated Maxi-Cosi Pria has come on the market with its attractive features. The weight of the seat is 24 pounds. The seat’s rear-facing position accommodates the children from 9-40 lbs. You can change the position comfortably in forward-facing. The forward-facing position allows 40-70 lbs children. The FlexTech is used for Energy Management of Multi-Directional Crash. OneClick connectors of LATCH have made the installation easy.

The seat does not require more room for its own place. The seat has the option for adjusting the recline angle. It also has a color coded systems for installation. The car seat has used self-wicking fabric and the quality is premium. It is needed for keeping your baby comfortable and dry. You can clean the seat without removing the seat from your car. The seat pad is removable and you can wash it with the machine.

The car seat fits in any vehicle without hassle as it is a latest generation seat. The Air Protection System will protect you from the Side Impact Collisions. FlexTech Energy Management of Multi-Directional Crash ensures the highest security for the child. The car seat is much safe for both the forward-facing position and the rear-facing position. These two positions allow the children from 9 lbs to 70 lbs. It will give enough room for leg too.

LATCH connectors have made the seat installation easy and secure. The fabric is premium quality. You might be wondering about the comfort of your child. Do not worry, the fabric is soft and soothes enough for your child.

The Pros:

  • The safety features for side impact is great
  • The limits of weight and height are excellent
  • Easy to adjust harness
  • The headrest is also easily adjustable
  • The fabrics are premium quality

The Cons:

  • Installation and instruction are not great
  • It is a pricey child car seat
  • The plastic behind the foam is hard and it can be little bit uncomfortable to your child

Disney APT Minnie – Low Budget Convertible Car Seat (USA Made)

Disney APT - Mouseketeer Minnie convertible car seat 2017

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Tight on budget? Buy this Disney APT. It looks cute, filled with all the necessary safety equipment, features and technologies. Moreover, the whole thing comes with wide side protection wings and the whole thing can be used for a long time. This makes the APT a great product. Now, everyone is not willing to spend three hundred dollars behind a child safety seat. For them, this cheap convertible seat can be an ideal solution.

Disney APT has the weight capability for forward-facing is from 22 lbs to 40 lbs and the height should be less than 34”- 43”. Rear-facing also allows the weight from 5 lbs to 40 lbs and the weight should be less than 19” – 43”. The Disney APT car seat has –point harness.

5 heights for harness and 3 locations for buckle are also provided with the Disney APT seat. For the first time, a seat has come on the market which has 2 cup holders. It is an exceptional feature of Disney. The materials of the car seat are polyester and plastic. The weight of the Disney APT seat is only 9.30 lbs. It has gotten its certificate from JPMA and also meets the Standards of ASTM.

The unit can accommodate children from 19” to 40” and weight should be from 5 lbs to 40 lbs. The weight and height capacity are only applicable for the rear-facing position. Again the forward-facing position of the seat can carry from 22 lbs to 40 lbs and the height of the children should be from 34” to 43”. The attractive and popular design of Mickey Mouse has made the Disney APT seat first choice of parents and children. 5-point harness and center-front can be easily adjustable.

The Pros:

  • It is cute and stylish for girls and boys
  • 2 holders for cup in a seat
  • The Disney seat is protected from the side impact forces
  • Multi-point Harness and it is adjustable
  • It is a US made product

The Cons:

  • The car seat has not enough padding for the children
  • The seat has no base
  • It can be found as difficult when you will need to transfer the seat from a car to another car

Graco 4 ever All-in-One : Steel-Reinforced Frame Ensures Safety

Graco 4ever All-in-1 – Studio best convertible car seat

This Graco 4ever car seat can be used for at least 10 years. You can use the seat as rear-facing harness position and this position allows infants from 4 lbs to 40 lbs. Again you use the seat as a forward-facing position and this position will allow from 20 lbs to 65 lbs. Belt-positioning booster for high back allows the weight from 30 lbs to 100 lbs. Moreover, the belt-positioning booster for the backless allows the weight from 40 lbs to 120 lbs.

For the growing child’s comfort you can adjust the 6-position recline. The headrest and the height of the harness are adjustable. To get the proper fit for your child, the one-hand, 10-position headrest will do their job. The exclusive LATCH attachment of InRight has made the installation easy and secure. It has the protection system for side impact. Energy absorbing foam is used here and the car seat has a steel frame for security. It also has plush inserts, 2 cup holders.

It has 4 positions to use: rear-facing harness, forward-facing harness, belt-positioning booster for highback and belt-positioning booster for backless. These 4 positions allow the children who are 4 lbs to 120 lbs. You can adjust the headrest and your harness height through the Safe Adjust System of Harness. The Graco 4ever All-in-1 is crash tested and engineered to meet the standard FMVSS 213 of US. That means it will keep you tension free about the safety issue.

The seat cover is removable. There is no need for removing the harness to remove the seat cover. The seat cover can be washed easily. It will save your labor and time both. Steel-reinforced frame ensures the highest durability and strength. Energy absorbing foam is used here and it will help to absorb the forces of crashes. The two cup holders provide your child’s drink near their hands. The headrest and the plush inserts are soft enough to provide the comfort to your child. LATCH attachments make the installation of the car seat easy and quick to all people, even to the grandparents.

The Pros:

  • For the booster-age children and newborns will be fitted
  • The seat is compact and better for the places which are small
  • Two buckle positions for the crotch
  • The LATCH can be used in booster mode of the high back
  • For switching the booster mode, the hideaway harness is available

The Cons:

  • The price of the seat is high
  • In the booster mode of backless, the lower anchors cannot be used
  • When your child is grown enough to use the seat without a booster, the seat will be expired

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite – All In One Car Seat Within Budget

Safety 1st Alpha Omega – best convertible car seats

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Looking for a all in one product within budget? Then this could be the perfect pick for you. Well, the all in one seats are ultimate money savers and on top of that this cheap convertible car seats make things more easy for those who are fumbling about for a cheaper solution for keeping their child protected inside the car. It has an weight capacity of 5 to 100 lbs. We request you to take note here that a 5 lbs safety seat is not that much suitable for a newborn.

The QuickFit padded headrest has 5-position adjustable feature that can adjust the harness by an easy step. Removable cup or juice holder can be placed from one side to another. The recommended weight and height for extended use of the car seat are from 5 lbs to 100 lbs and 19”-52”. It gets better, when you will use the rear-facing position for the children who are from 5 lbs to 35 lbs. Again it gets worse, when you will use the forward-facing position for the children who are not from 22 pounds to 40 pounds. Belt-positioning booster allows 40-100 pounds.

The headrest has energy absorbing foam. It has 3-position recline. The infant insert for head provides extra comfort and the LATCH equipped. Padded armrests are pivoting. It has a removable cup holder and you can use it on any side of the armrests. You will get here removable pillow which has belt covers. It has met the Standards of Federal Safety. It is a product of USA. You will get a 1st class warranty for one year.

It has attractive features. In any position, your baby will stay safe for the Protection System for Side Impact. For giving the comfort to your child, the car seat provides infant insert for head and also the padded armrests are pivoting. You will also get a removable pillow for your infant.

You may be wondering about the safety issue or standards. Do not worry. It has met the Standards of Federal Safety. The weight of the seat is only 19 lbs. It has 1-year Warranty of safety. So you can stay tension-less for the next one year after purchasing it.

The Pros:

  • The price is easiest-to-manage
  • Assembly is very easy
  • For bigger children, it has long harness
  • It has armrests
  • Side Impact Protection System is also provided here

The Cons:

  • You may face a problem when you install it
  • The fabric is not so good for the comfort of the children
  • Harness slots are too high for the infants and too low for the children who are about 4 years old

Evenflo Symphony – Comfortable Car Seat in the Market (USA Made)

Evenflo Symphony – Porter top convertible car seats

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Evenflo Symphony is the new, stylish and comfort car seat in the market. The rear-facing position accommodates the children who are from 5 lbs to 40 lbs. Its better, when the belt-positioning booster allows the children who are from 40 lbs to 110 lbs. It has the option to balance the body temperature of your baby. The Fabric of Outlast Performance can absorb the cold and hot temperature and also release as it should.

SuperLATCH connectors have made the installation easy. It can work automatically. The manufacturer was not satisfied with a single layer of foam that’s why they have included three. Three layer of foaming is great because they not only give more protection but provides a better level of comfort. The foam has been tested and designed to reduce the forces of side impact up to 50%. The Harness is Infinite Slide and it provides an accurate, safe and comfortable fit for the child.

The installation of the car seat is pretty easy. Auto-reacting, exclusive, SuperLATCH connectors have made the installation so easy, like 60 seconds is enough for installing the seat in any vehicle. It will give you a super-snug and fast installation than any other car seat. It is a top rated car seat that can be installed in the most vehicles. The car seats are made in the USA.

The harness is Infinite Slide which makes the fit accurate every time. For that advanced option, you can easily take out your baby from the seat. The energy absorbing foam will reduce the forces of the side impact. The car seat can be used in 3 positions: rear-facing, forward-facing and the last belt-positioning booster. These 3 positions can accommodate the children who are from 5 lbs to 110 lbs.

The Pros:

  • Easy to loosen and tighten harness straps
  • Can install easily in the most vehicles
  • Rear-facing provides good room for the leg
  • It has 3 layers of Energy Absorbing Foam
  • It is a product of USA

The Cons:

  • The removable harness is not available in the seat
  • In the booster mode, it not very high
  • The seat of Evenflo is very wide

Different Types of Car Seats –

Before you buy a best cheap car seat for your child or growing kid, you must know some things about car seats. There are many models of best car seats available in the market. It’s not like buying groceries.

So, you have to be sure about the product you are going to buy. Infant car seat, convertible seat, booster seat, you might have heard these names before. Have you ever bothered what they actually are?

Different Types of Car Seats


Well, best convertible car seat for newborn that are sold in the market vary from size, purpose and many other features. But the basic is same. They all keep the child tightly placed inside them and protect it with their padding. The first thing is to know different types of car seats for children.

  • Infant Car Seat:

It’s the most portable ones. Infant car seats are for children ageing from birth to two years. They can carry weight up to 30 lbs. They are very lightweight and can easily be carried around with the baby inside. This gives you added benefit when you go shopping. Or, if you think that you’re going to take a walk in the park with your child then you can just take it out and place it in a stroller. These types of seats lack premium safety features as they are not framed enough like the booster seats. But this makes them lighter. Most of these seats are rear facing. They are fun in the strollers but not so much in your car. Also, if you want you can buy additional bases for them for easy installation and more protection.

Being lightweight it doesn’t suggest that these infant car seats are unsafe. They have to go through many close inspections and safety tests. These are perfect for the primary stage of the baby and they cost less than the best convertible car seats 2017. Rather buying one that supports weight capacity from 5 to 100 lbs or more can give you more hassle. They provide a wide weight range but actually aren’t designed for the tiny ones.

  • Convertible Car Seat:

These new type has outdated the infant car seats. Because, if you can go for two or more years with a single product why would you buy an infant seat individually? Best convertible car seats have a wide range of weight capacity. They can house kids from 5 to 120 lbs or more. They are mainly an updated version of booster seats. And as always booster car seats are always safer than infant car seats. If you are looking for a top rated convertible car seats 2017 that will meet all your needs these are ones you probably are looking for. They can be both front and rear facing.

  • Booster Car Seat:

Your baby must become a toddler to be able to sit inside a booster seat. The minimum weight capacity of booster seat beings from 25 lbs. and the maximum limit is above 100 lbs. Booster car seats are the ultimate protectors of your school going grown up kids. They look lovely and are completely dedicated for kids. Rather the design is flawless and doesn’t cause problems in setting up or in the harness like best cheap convertible car seat.

While you buy best booster seat – be sure to check the basic features like dimension and weight capacity. They must match with your kids’ requirements. Booster seats are a little bit uneasy and unfit for skinny kids and smaller cars. Though, they are looking very beautiful. There is some booster seat what looks astonishing and very much modern. Some look so beefy and bold that they announce their safety by themselves.

what is the best convertible car seat?

It is a great question by many potential customers. Before purchasing a seat, you should find out the efficiency of the product.

Now it is question, what is the convertible Car Seat?

This sort of car seats is used for children. It should have many features. This seat gives the options for rear and forward facing. These seats are designed for ultimate safety and comfort in a vehicle.

For most of the time, child seats have many options. You can easily increase the size of the heights and widths according to requirements. Child seats are easily adjustable.

Why Using a Convertible Car Seat?

This 21th century has been full of variety of advancements and creativeness in technology. These advancements have helped create easier life and more well-off. One such example is that the best convertible car seat.

A Convertible seats is a seat designed especially for children to protect them from injury or death during accidents.

These car seats are legally needed in number of countries, including the United States, to safely transport children up to the age of 2 or more in cars & other vehicles.

Who needs this Car Seats?

It is a complex question …

According to the report of the manufacturers, this seats are efficient for children. It is also appropriate for infants who have weights at least 5 pounds or more. These best car seats are also applicable for the people who exceed the weight up to 40 to 65 pounds.

Some seats are efficient for disable people. It depends on the model. Some seats support the height up to 40 to 52 inches. Most of the safest car seat 2017 can support the maximum weight of 45 pounds. You can use these seats for 7 years child in a car or SUV.

Convertible seats are meant to provide comfort for a child when traveling. If you are driving alone and do not have anybody to reinforce you in carrying the child, these seats provide a memorably appropriate response.

The child will be comfortable and protected even when you are driving at a high speed. As long as you select the safest convertible car seats 2017 that provide maximum comfort and are able to fit appropriately in the car, the results will be amazing.

Features of Best Car Seat 2017

Before buying a seat, you must consider few things, these are given below:

  • Having Height & Weight Limits – It is an important feature for a seat. Before purchasing a seat, you must ensure that the seat has the options for height and weight limits. These seats are designed for new born and aged children. You can easily change height and weight according to requirements.
  • Changing Position Option – It is another important feature for a good convertible car seat. If there is no such option, you should not buy it. All top car seats must have options for forward and rear facing.
  • Having 5-Point Harness – A good seat has 5 point harnesses. It can keep your children safe at the early stage of their childhood.
  • Having Proper Support – It is important for growing children. These seats are designed for providing appropriate supports to the children during the period of driving. It helps to keep their head safe from accident.
  • Having Appropriate Protection – Most of the famous car seats have appropriate protection options. It can save your children from serious head or chest injury during the period of accident or collision. It can also save your children from neck injury. It includes Helmet and seat belt. It can protect your children at every stage.

Who is ensuring the quality of the seats?

There are many organizations in the world that provide the quality of the best convertible car seats 2017. In USA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has the ability to verify the quality of the seats. They test all car seats before supplying to the US market.

NHTSA has a branch for verifying the quality of a seat. They ensure the safety and durability of the product. All good infant seat has 5 star ranking products.

It is not a good idea to buy a below standard seat for child safety. These seats can’t provide appropriate safety. That’s why you must buy it carefully.

It can protect your child from serious head injury. If a seat is available for sale in this year, it must pass the current safety rules by the US government.

Now it is your responsibility to choose the best one after reading convertible car seat reviews for your child safety, then you will be able to keep your child safe forever.

How to Install a convertible car seat?

Before installing a convertible seat in a vehicle/car, you must understand the installation procedures carefully.  Instruction manual helps you to setup the car seat accurately in the vehicle.

According to the news of NHTSA, three out of four seats are not properly installed in the vehicle which is an alarming situation.

For safety requirements, people should verify the installation procedures by professionals. It can be setup at the backseat.

For toddlers and babies under age of two, install the convertible seat in the position of rear facing.

How to Clean a Car Seat?

If your child’s car seat is dirty, it can cause many diseases. It’s very unhygienic and will eventually make your car stinky like hell. You must keep it clean for the baby and for the car.

Cleaning is always boring, but as a parent you must do it. If your baby spills juice or anything on the seat just rub it with a dry cloth or tissue and then spread some baby powder on it. This will stop the stain from being permanent.

Modern baby car seats come with removable covers. They are super easy to clean. You just have to unstrap or unzip it first.

If you can’t find out how to take out the cover, seek help from the manual. Also, there are some video tutorials about it. Once it’s out it’s ready to take a dive in the washing machine. Wash it like all other clothes.

Don’t forget to dry it up correctly. Then take some antiseptic agent on a clean dry piece of cloth and gently clean the inner portion of the seat before strapping or zipping the outer cover. Leave no dust inside.

How to Buy Best Cheap Car Seat?

Car seats are relatively modern child safety equipment. Have you been in one in your childhood? Most probably not! So, it’s not the kind of information you can seek out from elders.

If you don’t have knowledge about some things concerning baby seats you have a possibility of ending up with a car seat that will not be of any good use to your kid. You must be careful about buying one.

Don’t worry!

I’m here to guide you about buying the best affordable convertible car seat. Before you get a car seat for your kid there are some things you must bring under consideration and there are some things you just can’t overlook.

First of all take weight and height of your little angel. This will give you a clear idea about the products that will meet your child’s demand.

Then you’ve to decide whether you want a portable one or you want a car seat that you won’t take out until your child gets old enough to fit inside seat belts. Now, bring the following facts under consideration.

  • Is it Convertible or Not?

Okay, you already know that there are three types of car seats available in the market. The infant seats, the booster seats and the convertible car seats. You will easily be puzzled about what to buy.

Now, take a look at the purpose of the car seats. If you divide your child’s growth into different stages the first stage is from 5 to 25 lbs, you will need a best infant car seat 2017 for this stage.

And after that stage you will need a different car seat, like – booster car seat. Booster seats are ranged from 25-120 lbs. There’s a difference between the sitting postures in this two models. The infant seats are rear facing and deep. Where the booster seats are forward facing and extended.

But both of these types of seats are kinda outdated now. Why? Because who would want to pay double for baby seats.

Yes, best convertible car seats are the new charm. They are getting more and more popular day by day. These seats can be both rear and front facing. This dual operation gives it an enormous weight capacity ranging from 5 to 120 lbs.

So, what do you get?

You get a product that will grow up with your kid that will be a part of its childhood. Convertible seats cost a slight more than booster seats. But the utility is amazing. You will save around 300 dollars or more if you buy best cheap convertible car seat.

Actually there’s a thing here. It’s more of booster seat in nature, must be kept inside a car and hard to remove and carry around. That means even convertible seats doesn’t provide portability. Also you can checkout this post on Infant car seat vs Convertible car seat discussion to get proper idea on which one is the best for your needs.

It’s up to you now …

But remember best convertible car seat 2017 are very much safe and comfortable. Going for it is always a better option if you have a stroller or baby strap. Oh, one more thing, it’s almost impossible to carry inside an airplane. So, parents who travel a lot. It’s not for you. 🙁

What are the Child Safety Features?

When it comes to children then safety should be the first priority. The ultimate goal of a baby car seat is to protect the child in the event of an accident.

Keeping that crucial thing in mind all the brands are in a sort of a competition of making their product more and more safe. They leave no stones unturned while designing the safety features.

Also, as a concerned parent it’s your duty to inspect the safety features of the best convertible car seat for toddlers. You just can’t overlook the safety features and compromise it for expenses and comfort. Even the brands are very much concerned about it. They prioritize safety over anything.

  • FAA Certified:

If you are going to buy best baby car seat look for the FAA certified seals. This basically permits the baby seat to be in an aircraft.

If you travel often don’t even think about getting one that doesn’t have FAA approval. Instead of it try to go for best travel car seat. Generally products like these are sent through a lot of tests before sending them to the market. All types of security tests should be passed by the product to meet the US safety standard.

  • A 5 Point Harness:

Remember, five point harness is a safety feature that does two things. First of all, it protects the child from falling or bouncing off the seat. Secondly, it will restrict your child’s movement. It’s basically a great feature for you if you have a sprightly toddler.

Another thing is that a five point harness keeps the child in its proper posting in the event of an accident. Instead of ramming the shock wave in a single place the harness distributes the impact in different parts of the body. Your desired best convertible car seat for tall babies must have a five point harness with it.

  • Side Impact Protection:

To serve its goal a best buy convertible car seat must be equipped with advanced energy absorption solutions. Because this features save lives. There are different side impact protection methods you’ll find in an infant or booster seat. Side protection is one of those mandatory features. The sides of seat should be protected with multiple layers of EPS foams.

It will keep the child’s head safe. Some brands also provide air cushioning. Oh, also look for steel or aluminum frames on the sides. The headrest is also important. It will protect the child from head and neck injury. So, a best affordable convertible car seat must have these impact absorbing cushions.

  • What about Accessories?

Things like the base of the seat are also important. A product that has detachable base will benefit both you and the kid. Bases in booster and convertible seats are designed to absorb shock and place the whole unit more firmly on the seat.

While in the infant seats the bases are detachable from the upper part. You can directly take the seat out with the baby inside and place it on the other car or in compatible strollers.

If you have more than one car you have to use both for transporting the baby you can be in a tricky situation. As the booster seat bases aren’t detachable you have to either buy two of them or carry the 30-40 lbs unit.

Convertible car seats bases

If you get the infant seats you don’t have to go through these hassles. But before you buy one think how you are going to use it. There are many additional items in the market that should be bought with these car seats. They add safety and comfort.

Infant or booster whatever the seat is, they have their own purposes. Like, infant seats provide more accessories. You can even get compatible strollers with them. Bear in mind that buying them together on any online store can save you up-to hundred bucks.

If you have more than one cars just buy additional bases. But boosters aren’t this much flexible. You don’t have to buy anything if you have a booster seat. Why should you if your child can walk or run by itself.

Don’t forget about those additional accessories like nets or protectors to protect your leather seat or mirrors to see your child’s face, the backseat organizers, shades for side window, cup holders and many more. Nowadays you’ll probably get anything you can imagine.

  • Extra Features

There are a whole lot of things you need to look for in a best inexpensive car seat. The skin material is for example. Do you know what the best material for an infant car seat is? A material what is easy to clean and won’t make your baby sweat. Look for products built with such materials.

The baby seat should be an easy to clean one. They are really comfortable for the parents as babies do get messy sometimes. Units that come with detachable covers are the best in this case. You have to just unstrap or unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine.

One click, one pull, one touch locks are often found in modern baby seats. They can be helpful for easy set up and removal. It also saves time and effort. You don’t have to struggle with these things. Products with these mechanisms are really modern and they blend gently with your modern lifestyle.

Some products are compact and some are beefy and bold. Then, which convertible car seat is best? Well, it’s mostly up to you to decide. Each of the designs has its own benefits.

Compact designs save a lot of space and sometimes allow room for three car seats in your backseat considered as the best convertible car seat for travel. On the other hand those muscle seats are really safe and comfortable.

Color scheme is also very important. There are some premium product that comes in different colors and designs. Color schemes allow you to pick right one among boys’ and girls’ product.

Sometimes more features are also provided with the car seats. These include handle bar, canopy, cup holders, levelers, special locks and many more. These are minor features but they tend to make the seats more comfortable for kids and their parents.

The Best in Price – Editor’s View

Which is the best car seat that holds the most value for your money? It would certainly be the Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Why? For it’s reasonable price and safest features. It is a complete one & inexpensive car seat because it sells on the half price of the premium ones but holds safety and comfort features like them.

If you are a little bit tight on your budget we would suggest you this seat. This Graco made convertible car seat has enough safety and comfortable features. Comparing it with a 300$ safety seat won’t be a good idea but if you inspect its features and consider the user’s reviews then it’s the finest one that will fit within your budget.

Best Priced Car Seat 2017

This seat will protect your child up to 65lbs with its high quality EPS foam, LATCH and five point harnesses. These features are enough to protect the child. For you there are some excellent features too. The seat covers are machine washable. The weight is comparatively lower; hence you get to carry it very easily. The combination of all these features makes this car seat one of the best budget car seat.


By trying our level best we’ve tried to satisfy your query. But some of the queries are so common that we face them frequently. So, we have decided to arrange those questions and their answers for you so that you can know more about child car seats. Here’s a list of some questions that we often get.

Q – Why Should I Trust your Reviews?

Who else would you trust but us? We have years of first hand experience about baby seats. We have gone through every single word ever written about it. Those long discussions with many parents, our own experience of using different seats, we’ve inspected hundreds of car seats. Learned every possible thing about them, why do we do all these?

Because, we want your child to have the best, what it deserves. Because, we aim at making your life easier because, we want to be a part of the joy of parenthood. We care because we actually care for children. Child safety is such an issue that must be dealt with care, that can’t anyhow be overlooked. So, we leave no stones upturned while we’re preparing reviews. Now, you show us a good reason for not trusting us.

Q – Should I buy used car seats or not?

What to do with used car seats? According to the report of the manufacturers, you should not buy used car seats for your children. Most of the seat manufacturers have no guarantee for second hand seats. Before purchasing a used convertible seat, you must verify the history of the seat. Sometimes, the seat can be broken or belts are not working properly. There is a risk for low grade components. It is a good idea to buy a new one after reading reviews of 2017.

Q – Why I Should Buy this Car Seat?

As you may have noticed in the reviews that you’ve read so far, there are specific differences among the different types of car seats in their safety features and in functionality.

These are specially designed for child. They come with a special inbuilt five point harness which safely secures the baby. Parents love these car seat because they want to ensure the safety of their children while driving. In many countries, having this seats are mandatory by law. It is very easy to use and much more comfortable for your child than an average car seat.

The seat will protects your kids from getting injured in a minor road accident. The angle at which these seats are inclined at 30-45 degrees – is just perfect and ensures the safety of your child in an accident. Babies have soft bones and so need all the protection they can get.

Q – When to get a convertible car seat?

Well, it is an important issue. Knowing best time to pick convertible car seat is very much important. The thing is, the longer your child stays inside a rear facing seat, the better it is and infant seats are best at providing the optimum rear facing safety for your child.

Infant seats are built with a lot of care. They have their soft way of caring also. But the fact that can’t be overlooked is that, they protect better. Also you must take note here that infant seats are much more portable and easy maneuverable. Most of the organizations dealing with the child safety suggest that the child should be kept inside an infant seat for at least two years. Yes, you’ve heard right. From every possible way this is the most suitable age limit. The child will start to outgrow an infant seat after 1.5 years or so, and then when its head will reach the top border line of an infant seat; it should be moved to a convertible seat.

So, your answer to this question is, get a convertible seat for your child at its second birthday.

Q – Where to Buy Best Convertible Car Seat?

Amazon – Yes, go if you want the best deals of car seat. You will not find that much variety on malls or super shops. On there you can choose from hundreds of different models, compare it with other products and get exciting discounts also. Moreover you get to know the user’s experience of the product. Browse all you want before you make your decision. Also, you get to buy additional accessories in the same place. So, what are you waiting for? Go Amazon and start searching for the products that can cherish your needs?

There are also many more benefits of buying a product at Amazon with Amazon baby registry. Sometimes, there’s no shipping cost, you can return the product, get warranty and many more. On the other hand, to find a best toddler car seat of choice, you have to go from shops to shops. That is really painful.

Q – Can I use my child seat after crash?

If you face an accident and your child somehow survives the crash you would be very lucky. But after the crash you should check it thoroughly for cracks and any other faults. If you find no faults with it then it’s okay. But if you even find a single crack throw the car seat away.

A cracked car seat isn’t good to use. The crack will eventually grow big and will lose its defensive capabilities. So, we request you for the sake of your child’s safety; don’t use a faulty convertible seat. Also, don’t put it on sale. It may risk other people’s child’s life in risk.

Conclusion – To Make Right Decision

Hope that by now you know almost everything about convertible car seats.


… what you have to do is fix your budget and think how you are going to be benefited by the product. Think how often you travel.

If you already have a stroller for your kid then I’d recommend you convertible seats. But please, don’t carry a child without a best car seats in your car. It could be fetal.

Oh yes, one last thing. Drive safe.

Thank you for spending your valuable time and going through this convertible car seat reviews. I hope that it has given you proper guidance about buying the best one for your child.

By now you should have gathered enough confidence about choosing your product. Choose the best convertible car seat 2017 very carefully; your child’s life will depend on it.

Happy Parenting! 🙂

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12 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    I’m a new mother and my baby weight more than 12 pounds. Currently I am planning to have a child car seat for him. But I am confused to pick the right models? Someone from my office advice me to go for infant seat, other side one of my family friends suggest me to buy a convertible one and my sister tells me to have all-in-one (all-in-one will save my money as she told – but I’m not agree with her to risk my child life for some $$$).

    So, what you think and which one will be the best car seat in 2017 for my child?

    • Rogers says:

      I think, spending in these types of child car seat is logical, Infant seat is best – if you want to get comfort of transferring your child in & out of the car; on the other part, as they grow convertible car seat is the right one – if you thinking top level of security and safety while traveling.

      Infants less than 20 pounds are good with smaller baby carriers likes – infant car seat.

      Above car seats we’ve listed are from famous brands and most of them are best selling convertible car seats in 2017 that meets all safety standards as well as requirements, side impact tested and crash tested.

  2. Arleen says:

    I recently made a plan to spend our holiday in abroad. We have a kid and he is 30 months old. And we’ve to travel via air. So can we use the convertible seat in the airplane which we usually use for our cars?

    • Rogers says:

      You sure can. But you must seek a FAA certificate in the seat that you are willing to buy. Without an FAA certificate some airplane operators won’t allow your seat to be inside the flight. And here is the thing, products with the FAA certificates can be used anywhere, on cars, trains, plains, boats, you name it.

  3. Janet says:

    I’m thinking to buy a new convertible car seat and Diono Radian RXT is my first choice. But, the problem is my car is little small in size and that’s why I am little worried about it. Need advice regarding this issue? And wanna Thank you for such a great post. 🙂

    • Rogers says:

      Yeah, that a quite big one. If you really want to be sure why don’t you take a measuring scale and see how much place is available inside your car, the height should be the main factor, measure the height of your car’s height from the seat to the roof and cross match it with the dimensions of RXT that we have mentioned. Easy as that.

  4. Eloise says:

    Great articles so far. I have recently bought a new convertible seat. But, thinking that cleaning the seat won’t be so easier like the infant seat. Honestly, don’t know all procedures about cleaning. Could you help me to make my cleaning job easier?

    • Rogers says:

      Cleaning of the carseat is as easy as taking a walk in the park, We have mentioned these things in details in our article, Now, only for you we will go through it in a shorter from so that you at least know the basics.

      The first thing is that, if you are really paranoied about keeping the car seat clean then we say, go with the ones that come with removable a cover. The cover can be easily washable inside a washing machine.

      Now, if you have already gotten one that does not come with a detachable cover then we would say, a mixture of shampoo and water and a clean piece of cloth is your only solution now. Just mix it up and go rubbing and your seat will be good as new.

      Stains should be the main problem for you. Try to take them out as soon as possible otherwise they might get permanent. To deal with the stubborn ones try using hot water and baking soda mixture or you can use lime juice.

      Also, if you have a car vacuum cleaner, you can use it to take out the food grains or shreds.

      We hope that this short answer will be helpful for you.

  5. Theresa says:

    First of all, thanks for the whole thing. I have never found so much information piled up in a place before. Either it’s for running errands or for other reasons I commute daily with my 2 year old kid every day. I think that, I now have become a better mom when I’m carrying my child inside the car.

    But throughout the whole website I have seen a name ‘Energy Absorbing Foam’ scattered all over. I want to know – what is it?

    • Rogers says:

      We are glad to help you. We have tried our best to provide you with all the necessary things that are related to children and child safety seats. Please stay with us with your support.

      Energy absorbing foams are foams that are designed to consume maximum pressure and give minimum feedback.

      These foams are generally made from two compounds, Polystyrene & Polypropylene and they are generally known by the name of EPS & EPP. They are ideal for using in a child safety seat as it consumes majority of the impact force and keeps it within so that the child feels nothing. You can say, it’s the shield, the sole protector of your child.

  6. Patrick says:

    I think, there are all moms here. As a dad I also have the rights to ask questions here too. I already have a child aging 4 and he has recently outgrown his convertible seat, now Lord has blessed us with another upcoming one. Now, my question is, can I use the same convertible seat for the new one?

    • Rogers says:

      Ha Ha 🙂 , it’s an open site for anyone who is concerned with children’s safety inside the car. Now, your answer, you can sure use a convertible seat for two kids if the age gap between them is not too much. A convertible car seat, if used with proper care can have the longevity of 10 to 12 years easily.

      But, providing the child a convertible seat from the very beginning will not be a very good idea. That’s why we recommend you to get a new infant seat for the upcoming angel and buy it under baby registry to save some $$$

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