9 Best Infant Car Seat List – Best Buy 2020

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

It is true that we see car accidents in the roads which kill people. Isn’t it a great disaster for life!!!

And it is difficult for you to say when you will face it.

Even – “It may kill our life.” – RIGHT?

So, If you drive with your child in the roads, you must drive carefully. And during the period of disaster, a well structured & secured best infant car seat of 2020 can save your child’s life.

Now – Do you want to buy the safest one for your baby? YES – Then you are in the right place.

Editor Pick Top 3 Seats (Best Buy):

Best infant Car Seat 2020 (TOP PICK)

In below, you’ll find top infant car seat reviews that can help you to choose the more safety and well fitted one for your babies. The intention of this reviews is that we’d try to help you make right decision to pick best one.

# Britax B-Safe Branded Car Seat

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

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The Britax B-Safe is another popular option that has reined the market for long now, both individually or part of B-Agile Travelling System. All B-Safe come with a generous limit of maximum height. Safety ratings of Britax are well-known to all those who are concerned about it, plus users give its safety measures thumbs up too.

It has head cradling impact shield, energy-absorbing foam lining and body hugging features that are more than capable of maintaining its reputation. All these things make it a bit bulky and it weights around 24.3 lbs which makes it a bit heavier. It has the capability of handling kids from 4 to 35 lbs. It is pretty decent one for infants.

Since correct installation is an important feature, Britax has a push button LATCH installation keeping the baby safe and comfortable. The five-point re-adjustable harness is tangle free, ensuring tight and fit. It grows with the growth of child.

The only complaint we discovered during the research would be that B-Safe is too heavy for a lot of users and their comfort level. However, you should remember that a heavy one is usually safe.

# Chicco Keyfit 30 – Editor Pick Best Buy

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

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The Keyfit 30 by Chicco is the best baby car seat reigning in the American market for years. It is easy for use. For example, the five-point harnessing system is effective and easily adjustable.

You can adjust it with just one hand. It has a comfy newborn insert you could expand as your baby grows. It secures babies weighing 4 to 30 pounds. The energy absorbent foam protects infants from impacts.

Its greatest safety feature would be easy installation. Chicco believes that an accurately installed has a push-button technology which ensures accurate fit. Parents won’t have to upset either; the product has a body-hugging slot which keeping them snug & safe.

In one sentence, it is a premium carrier for child safety, convenience & comfort. Although the price of it is a bit higher, the features of it make up for everything. Actually this best child car seat would be the perfect purchase.

# Disney Baby Mickey/Minnie Mouse

Disney Baby Infant Car Seat

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Most of the consumers approved this best baby car seat by Disney- that is what research told us. Owners claim that it is lighter and easily adjustable in comparison to other competitors. The manufacturer puts a seal of “Lightest Infant Seat” on it.

It’s most prominent feature is the Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse design. This latest child car seats cuteness would bring a smile on your baby’s face along with yours. The Disney Baby Minnie has an unbeatable price. Why would you buy one of those overpriced one when you can have one that have all the features of premium ones.

We should mention here that the Minnie design is for baby girls. For baby boys there are the Mickey model of the same seat. It is capable of handling kids up to twenty two lbs and up to 29 inch.

It is well-equipped with the latest security features and gadgets expected from a trustworthy brand. For some people, the design alone would seal the deal on it, considering that matching accessories like stroller, messenger bag and bouncer are available from Disney.

# Graco Snugride Click Connect 35

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35

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The SnugRide Click Connect 35 is the best of all existing SnugRide models form Graco. The price tag is totally reasonable since it has a capability of use to a full 2-years age requirement of the rear-faced.

Therefore, it is bulkier and lighter than other availables in the market. It’s good to buy a model from a known manufacturer. It is ideal as lightweight car seat for infant. It weighs only 7.5 lbs. Yes, you’ve heard right, only 7.5 lbs. The price is very flexible and carries babies from 4-35 lbs.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children under two years of age must ride the car facing the rear. This would help you pick best rated seats. The other features from Graco comprise different reclined angles.

The “growing legs” could be contained easily by using this adjustable function. With the side impact security rating, it can be concluded that Click Connect 35 is rightly reputed. The Graco Snugride Click is a well balanced top baby car seats.

# Maxi Cosi Mico AP Newborn Seat

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

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The Maxi Cosi Mico AP have a 22 lbs limit, giving a bit more time of rear-facing than usual 22 lbs limit weight. It is a side impact secured with smart headrest and altitude adjustable five-point harness. These will keep your baby safe from violent impacts if you ever meet an ugly situation. The foam of it is comfortable.

Its air circulation panels avoid heat rash and its connecting system makes installing easy. Security and functionality are its best features along with other features that you might really like. All these features have gotten positive reviews from countless parents.

The Maxi Cosi was manufactured with easiness in mind. The push-on LATCH connector and level indicators uncomplicated the installing. When you want to remove it, just pull on the green lever. That will take care of the disconnection.

# Chicco NextFit Child Seat

Chicco Nextfit Zip (Sapphire)

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The Chicco NextFit is known as the best car seats for newborns. It has been proven as the most advanced in your choices. It is available in the market in grey colors. It is comfortable for child. There is a sturdy handle with this seat.

It has a durable structure. This seat is easy to carry and use. It is also convenient for you. This top rated baby seats is made by energy absorbing safety equipment’s. These can easily be installed into vehicle.

There are straps and harness in it. The sturdy handle can easily be carried from one place to another. That’s why this is treated as top rated baby car seats.

You can easily depend on this. This famous seat can keep your baby comfortable. There is nothing to worry about this. It gives you the ultimate safety in the long journey.

# Evenflo Embrace LX Baby Seat

Evenflo Embrace LX Infant Car Seat

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If you are searching for the lowest weight, then that is the perfect one. Evenflo Embrace LX is lighter than any other seats. The base of it is automatically adjustable. The carry handle is Ergonomic. It has harness adjustment for up-front. The head pillow is removable. The harness rating of the seat is nationally recognized and it is done by the safety advocates. 4-35 pounds is the weight capacity of the Embrace LX.

But to get the proper recline, it has provided an auto base which is adjustable and the auto base has the level indicator of the central pendulum. Three positions are given for shoulder harness. Handless position for forwarding is space saving. The pad of it is washable. It has the liner of energy absorbing foam. This model is made in the United States of America. The stay-in-car base is separated and allows you to transfer it from your home to car.

The stylish design has made it exceptional. This beautiful seat has come in the market with unique contrasting texture. Evenflo introduces us with its new model which is 25% lighter than any other seat. That makes it perfect to carry. The fabric is comfortable and holds your baby’s body with great care. The harness is adjustable and makes it secure and comfortable. The head pillow is very soft and this soft pad is necessary for an infant. You can remove the pillow if you want.

You will get 3 guides for installation and that will give you to get your preferable position. The adjustable reclining base gives you the opportunity to adjust it according to the baby’s height. The LATCH connectors are given to make the installation easy and safe. You can install the seat with the base or without the base.

Safety is the main matter for an infant car seat. Energy Absorbing foam, protection for side impact, strong frame make it as a high secured seat. It has proved that it is safe for infants in the crash tests.

# Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air

Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air Infant Seat

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It has been specially designed for the infants. It has the weight capacity of 4-35 pounds and it allows the height which is up to 32 inches. The rear-facing position allows 4-35 pounds. You can also carry the tiny traveler of 4 pounds.

It has advanced air system for cushion and also has Air Protection for Side Impact. These 2 things will keep your infant’s head safe. For the adjustment of up front, it has a 5-point harness.

The LATCH storage has made One Click LATCH equipped. Ergonomic design has been provided Curve Handle for Carrying. Lock-Off system for base belt easily makes the seat belt of vehicles secured and safe. The fabric is premium quality. Stay-car-base is adjustable. Infant Insert is also adjustable.

You will get an additional room for the leg to provide comfort. 3 locations for buckle are used to accommodate your child. Want to know the best part? The lightweight of infant seat makes it easier to carry it anywhere.

You might be wondering about the safety quality. But we can satisfy you by giving you the information that it has met ASTM and Federal Safety Standard.

The benefits of the Safety 1st Onboard 35 cannot be described in some words. Babies can be seriously injured in side impact crashes. The air protection system for the side impacts makes it a secured seat. This protection will save infant’s head.

The harness is specially designed to give the proper snug fit to your baby. The rear-facing position gives you the opportunity to sit those babies who are between 4-35 pounds. 5-position base will fit it in your car without any problem. Additional room for your baby’s leg has made the journey comfortable for your baby.

Want to know the best part? Its lightweight makes this infant car seat more popular in the market. Carrying handle is specially designed to carry and it has comfort grip to feel soft when you are carrying it. The seat pad is removable and machine washable. These features will make your journey memorable.

# Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 (Blue Base)

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat

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It has the rear-facing option and it allows those babies who are among 4-30 pounds and does not allow the heights who are more than 30 inches. It is a lightweight infant seat. But it is the lightest premium baby car seat.

In side impact crashes, it will provide Air Protection for Side Impact. Rebound protection is also given. The self-wicking fabric is an advanced type of fabric. The fabrics are easily removable and the fabrics are dryer safe. Mico Max 30 has UV protector is also provided by extended canopy.

Without the base, you can easily install it in your vehicle. To keep your baby warm, it has foot muff. It has WeatherShield for protection. Bug Net is also attached here which is Breathable. Accessories are also sold on the market separately. Want to know the best part? It has adapters to use it as a lightweight car seat for newborn.

The Mico Max 30 is one of the best car seats for its great features. The air protection system is very necessary for the safety of newborn when your car will face any side impact crashes. You might be wondering about the safety when your baby is sited. But the air protection for side impact and the rebound bar will keep you satisfied on safety issue.

To keep your baby protect from the sun, it has attached sun canopy which has a flip-out visor. This is the unique self-wicking fabric has the ability to deodorize and draw liquids away from your baby’s skin. It will keep your baby dry and comfortable. Foot muff is a necessary thing for cold weather and it will balance your baby’s body temperature.

Cozi-Dozi insert for head provides additional support to keep your infant’s neck and head in right place. LATCH connectors can be easily installed with just a click. Outside of the car, you can use the Mico Max 30 also as a stroller. It will reduce your daily pain of carrying your baby. The seat pad is removable & fabric is machine washable.

Each of the seats we mention within our review has passed all the applicable federal security tests and also comes fitted with the first-class security and convenience characteristics which exceed all the minimum requirements. We would be happy to advise you to use whichever one of these based on hours of research.

Why Buy Newborn Car Seat?

A rear faced seats for newborns weighing up-to 35 pounds and 32 inches big is going to fit them snugly and comfortably around within the first year. But convertible one can convert from rear-faced for the toddlers and babies to a front-facing – carrying infants to kids around 5 pounds to 80 pounds, with a height of around 50 inches.

  • Now, if you have the option of convertible, the question might arise that why should you get an infant seat instead of convertible. It is a legitimate question, and we will help you answer it. The answer is quite simple- safety. Though most of the newborns can fit into a convertible seat, experts say that babies less than 20 pounds would be better in smaller one, also you can check best convertible car seat for small car as reference. They are specifically designed to hold newborns safely and provide accurate support.
  • Convenience is an important consideration. These best lightweight infant seat tend to be lighter and smaller than the convertibles and generally have handles for easy carriage. These can be snapped out and in the car and the stroller, so you could transfer the baby without waking them. No one wants a sleep-deprived wailing baby throwing fists in the carrier when they’re traveling because it can be very unsafe.
  • In comparison, the heavier convertible seats have to be installed into the car. While you get to the destination, you must unbuckle the baby and place it on another carrier.

The drawback of newborn seat – would be a financial one. As the child grows out of it, you have to get a bigger convertible model. Bigger babies might outgrow it before a year, and smaller babies might fit in it until after the first birthday.

Remember that children exceed in their height before they do in weight. So consider the weight and growth rate of children before you buy this thing, or you could end up spending more than you are comfortable with.

What to look for when buying Baby Seat?

  • Convenience: The NHTSA considers the ease of installation and secure the child into it, plus the clarity of and clarity of its instruction manuals.
  • Five-point safety harness: Those straps, two for the shoulders, two for the thighs and one last between the baby’s legs, are much more flexible than the older designs.
  • Car seat base: Most of it have a plastic base that you must install in the car. Snap the seat in the base and buckle in the baby when you get ready. Then just unsnap it from it and take that with you. Many users buy one additional base for other vehicles.
  • Easy adjustments: Adjusting the harness with their growth, so pass up it which make it complicated. Improved seats let you adjust straps and harness the height from the front easily. Some models have one-hand belts adjustment having quick-releasing buckles.
  • Easy cleaning: Messes and babies go together, but a good number come equipped with covers that can’t be taken off. A removable and machine-washable covering will make cleaning easier.
  • LATCH (lower anchors and tethers for children): From the year 2002, all the vehicles have been made compatible with a LATCH system. It lets you attach it to your vehicle directly instead of just using belt to secure. It could make the installation easier and safer. Most of the seats use just lower anchors, not tethers.
  • Side-impact protection: Many come with exceptional energy-absorbing foams and added features designed to protect the baby’s head plus chest completely. So you can rest assured and concentrate on the road more clearly.
  • Comfort: A seat padded with abundant head support provides the baby a comfortable ride.
  • Price: All best newborn seat vary in price ranging from $60 to $250. In case you have more than one car, you could get one with base for every car or buy extra bases to move it from one car to another.

So, consider all these options and buy whatever product works best for your baby. You don’t want to hand your precious child anything second best.

Where to Buy Best Baby Car Seat?

There are many online shops in the world which sells the child safety seat for your children. If best ones are not available in retail shops, then you must contact with the manufacturers directly.

You can easily find out the web address of the manufacturers. Now it is your responsibility to find out through internet searching.

Amazon.com is a famous online shop. It has a large number of collections in their stocks.

You can easily buy best travel car seat among the variety of choices. You can buy the best one for newborn from Amazon using credit cards with easy online sign up. If you enter into the website of other online stores, you will get a large number of baby seats. You can easily get several options in the online shopping.

The Winner – Editor’s Point of View:

In our opinion among these Chicco Keyfit 30 is the winner (Sponsored).

The Winner Infant Seat 2020

Okay, you probably have been wondering why it is the topper. We know that it may exceed your budget. We know that it has only the capability of carrying children up to 30 lbs. But even after that it is the winner because in terms of safety it aces over anything else, any other model or makes.

The Keyfit 30 is an ideal for safety. The design is evident that the product was built with care. The way you can plug it inside a car and the way you can take it out.

This design of the Chicco Keyfit 30 is very much friendly for the parents. The harness of it can be adjusted with a single pull. Not only the harness, the LATCH can also be tightened with a single pull. These are such features that are rare in other infant seats.

Okay, if you aren’t still satisfied dig up in the internet and you will find some extraordinary facts that will convince you to buy the best infant seat. Those facts include some major accidents where the baby came out completely unharmed.

Chicco doesn’t exaggerate about this product very much but it has proven itself practically. The ultimate goal of a seat is to provide safety. A Chicco Keyfit 30 does it effortlessly.

How to keep Infant Safe in the Seats?

A safety seat demands care and respect as it protects your child. So it should be treated gently and that way it will be fit and ever ready to give your child the proper safety. It’s important that you read this section with proper importance and try following them when you are dealing with.

Here are the points that will keep your child safe for you.

  • Don’t Rush:

Try not to rush while buying one, always check safety ratings and you will face no problem with it. Also, try not to rush while you are plugging in the safety seat and you will be keeping your child properly safe.

You should read reviews for your child before buy one. Buying it at the last moment can be very much risky. You should give it enough time. You have to look for it by yourself. We are only here to assist you. But the decision is entirely yours to take.

  • Take Care of Your Seats

If you need proper output you need to keep it in its top notch. It must be cleaned from time to time. While installing, instructions should be followed precisely from the manual.

Try not to drop it. This can permanently damage it. Child safety seats have different components. Say, a five point harness for example. It is also divided in various belts. These belts need care or else they wear off and become weak. Try not to do the adjusting very frequently as the points tend to get loose.

  • Don’t add anything

You may feel that the inside is not protective enough. That’s why we’ve seen many parents shoving soft blankets or stuff like that inside a child seat. This shouldn’t be done as the baby can sweat a lot from its back. That can cause serious diseases.

  • Try not to fix a seat

If your child safety seat gets broken somehow try not to fix it and get a new one. A fixed and used car seat from unknown source is never going to match the safety level of a new one. It is also very dangerous and can break down once again very easily.

  • Measure your child frequently:

The weight and height of a child matters a lot when it’s using a safety seat. As you have to change various positions or pick right one between infant car seat vs convertible car seat or a forward facing vs rear facing. Frequently keeping your child under measurement is important.

Choosing the right type of Infant seat:

Buying one is the trickiest part of possessing and using a safety seat. Be very careful about this from the beginning. Basically if you roam around this website you will know everything about buying a safety seat and ratings from editor for your better understanding. But for more detailed knowledge about this you can follow this points if you want to end up with the best car seats for infants.

  • Fix your budget

This should be your first priority. You have to decide how much you are ready to spend behind the safet seat. Baby’s have an endless need of baby supply. That means that a baby seat isn’t the only thing that you wanna buy.

You can get it on discount under Amazon baby registry. You can get one as a gift from your parents; you can buy a used one. And many things like these can be done by you if you are a little tight on your budget. But we request you not to compromise with the safety of a child.

  • Age is important

The age of a child is very important in fixing its safety seat. It should be precisely maintained. You will find age and related articles here in our website where we have talked about age acceptability of different types of car seats model. Remember don’t rush to get it easily.

  • The seat also depends on your car

Many parents do the mistakes of buying a safety seat without considering about the car they own and reading reviews properly. Don’t be like them. Check if it is capable of sitting on your car or not. See if it can be locked properly with the LATCH and belt ports.

Also, space can be a big issue. Sometimes you may not have enough space for a bulky seat. Then you have to look for the compact and less space consuming safety seat.

  • Whether you travel a lot or not

What if you travel frequently, you will need a lighter and portable what will be allowed inside a flight. These types of seats must be FAA approved.

And if you don’t travel a lot you can go with the heaver models what tend to give more safety and comfort. But if the baby can’t walk and you have to use a stroller, you should get a lightweight and widely compatible safety seat.

These points should be your core concern when you are going to buy best newborn car seat. They will give you proper guidance. Also never forgot to compare before taking final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

People can be confused before purchasing the lightweight seat. And they ask some questions frequently to know the right answers.

Q. Isn’t lightweight baby car seat easily breakable?

Actually there is a rumor about the lightweight baby seat that it is too light and it is not safe. It can be broken down easily. But it is not true. There is nothing to think like that. Light weight does not mean that it will not be safe. It gets better: when you will buckle it with the LATCH system, there will have nothing to worry about. It has proper features which have made it strong and safe for your infant.

Q. Will the child car seat fit into my car?

As we say that these are the lightweight car seat. So it is not too bulky. We have told you that it will fit into most of the vehicles. But, if you have any confusion, you can search for the one that fits your car best. In online you will get the measurement of the actual size or you can ask to seller, they will answer your question as soon as possible. After knowing all that things, you can choice the right one which will fit into your small or regular vehicles.

Q. Can I use my baby car seat on the airplanes?

Infant seat can do an excellent performance on the airplane also. If you want to travel with your baby on the airplane, you should take this with you. These are weighing less and that is why it becomes suitable for airplane journey. Many experts of plane travel suggest that using a baby car seat is very useful on airplane journey. Without it, you have to hold the baby and that is quite risky for both of you. But before buy one you must ensure that it is FAA approved travel friendly.

Q. How can I keep my baby warm in the Infant car seat?

When you are travelling in cold weather, you may be concerned about your baby’s health condition. You may be worried to think that if your baby catches cold. To solve the problem, you need to warm your car before starting your journey. Do not dress your child thick warm clothes when they are travelling. It causes snag and latching problems. If that happens, it will not be safe for your child. Use warm clothes over the belt to keep your baby warm.

Q. Is the infant car seat safe if facing any accident?

If you face any accident, your seat is able to hold up and save your infant perfectly. If you install the LATCH, base and belt correctly, your baby will not be able to move. These things will hold your baby tightly. Energy Absorbing Foam will perform its job to save your infant from the side impacts. It can also secure your baby’s head, neck and foot. So, a lightweight one is safe enough.

Finally …

This page was decorated with your needs in mind. Keeping this in mind we started by critically analyzing top trending child seats only. First we started by giving you the reasons to buy a baby car seat. The next part was about the features that you need to take note of. This section is really important if you want to end up with the best one.

In the following part we discussed about the care of a safety seat. At last we terminated by mentioning some points about choosing the right one. Finding the best one for you is really a difficult among all the models. But after going through detail reviews and compare each one you will be able to buy the best infant car seat of 2020 for your child.


A Professional writer, blogger and researcher - who likes to research online on different types of baby safety seat and write complete reviews on it, so that this reviews can help other parents.

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