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Britax Advocate G4

Britax is a popular child safety equipment manufacturer and their Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat is a widely sold child safety seat. If you are in search for an affordable convertible seat then we’d suggest you to go with this model.

It’s a pretty basic convertible seat actually. There aren’t any fancy safety mechanism or colorful comfort features. For the simplicity you get a good control over the installation of the seat and the seat provides enough care and protection for your child.

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In the following article will put everything before you. My Best Car Seat – knows why you are here and what you need to know. We will only touch those points so that you can buy the right seat for your child.

Introduction of Britax Advocate G 4.1:

Advocate is actually the mid level best booster seat that Britax has to offer to you. Where the premium ones of the same manufacturer are sold for hundred dollars more or so. Don’t feel so disappointed already. Its cost a few less doesn’t mean that it’s a bad seat.

In fact, the Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat is a quite convincing one. We should mention here that this seat is a popular one and is affordable to a many parents also. If you are straying in buying diapers or baby food or have a possibility of being on situations like that then it would be a wise decision to go with this seat.

There are reasons for this that the seat has made it to our list. Firstly, it has that fancy safe cell technology of Britax that makes it hell of an impact absorber. Secondary the restraints are easy to set up and children do not feel uncomfortable while they are inside them.

So, you see it’s a decent child safety seat within your budget. Now, here are the detailed reviews of Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat.

Britax Advocate G4 Car Seat

Britax Advocate G4 Review:

This amazing product has the following features which are rare in other seat, these are given:

  • It is designed for the children of 5 to 65 lbs in weight.
  • It has rear and forward facing mode.
  • There is a head safety system in this seat.
  • It can easily reduce crash energy up to 45%.
  • This product has energy absorbing foam.
  • It has 5 point quick adjustment harness.
  • This seat has 3-position rear adjustments.
  • It has recline the adjustments.
  • This seat has a cup holder and extra storage pouch which is not available in other seat.
  • There is a life time warranty from the manufacturers.
  • It is light weight, durable seat which is made in USA.

Features of Britax Advocate G4:

This seat is a great product by Britax. It has the following key features, these are given below:

  • Safe Cell Technology –

Safe cells are designed to manage a number of impact forces and also to compress during the period of car crash. The Hugs chest pads are different in the G4 models. The strap loosening technique is very smooth now.

  • Side Impact Protection –

This system provides you a great protection against side collisions. There is energy-absorbing foam. This foam is used for head restraint. It cans keep your child’s spine to remain straight during the period of side impacts. It can also reduce the risk of physical injury.

  • Click and Safe –

It is another great feature of this top convertible car seat 2016. This feature provides you an audible indicator. This signal indicates that your child seat harness is in the right range of “snugness”. This feature also provides you an additional safety during the period of accident.

  • SICT Feature –

This is another interesting feature of this car seat. This technology ensures that there should be energy absorbing foams on both sides of the seat. It has the ability to reduce the energy of side collision up to 45%. It can easily absorb the side impact forces. This feature eliminates the risk of head injuries.

  • LATCH Guidelines –

According to the advice of Britax, the lower LATCH tethers are efficient for the children who have weights more than 40 pounds. You can also use this seat for the children up to 65 pounds in weight. Before using this seat, you will have to re-install this seat with adult seat belt.

  • Mind Satisfaction –

This Britax Advocate G4 comes with excellent safety equipments. This seat is treated as best convertible car seat 2016. You can easily carry your children in it. It could be your number one choice for your child safety. You can easily purchase this top rated infant seat based on your needs. You know that SICT features of any seat can take extra money, but Britax doesn’t charge extra money for this technology. The price is in your budget and easy to install in a row.

Unique Features:

This convertible seat has a minimum weight capacity of 5 lbs where the maximum is 65 lbs. The two sitting sections home children from 5 lbs to 40 lbs in rear facing and 20 lbs to 65 lbs in the forward facing mode. This limit is quite impressive and the most interesting part is the 40 lbs limit of the rear facing mode.

The seat itself weights 24.8 lbs which is a bit heavy and it won’t matter much as you can’t carry this seat of 23 inches by 18.5 inches by 23.5 inches seat in a flight. The flight seats (supposing that you will fly in economy class) aren’t being enough for homing a seat of this proportion. That’s why you should be alert and remember only the infant seats and the backless booster or boosters with detachable backs are suitable for a flight.

  • Safety –

The main purpose of a convertible seat is to be safe and with accordance to that the manufacturers have introduced some effective safety features in the Britax Advocate.

These features include a three layer of padding and the more padding inside the seat the safer it is for the child. They didn’t stop there only. Rather took it to the next level and designed a shell named SafeCell for the whole thing.

This is a feature that you will not find in any other convertible seats in the market. What it does is amazing. The impact that generates in collusion directly hits the shell and gets reduced instantly. Then it passes through the internal foams and padding.

Although there is no strong frame beneath the padding layers but this makes the seat lighter and the SafeCell technology does the job of the frame. There are also other features like an indicator to measure the tightness of the harnesses.

Among other noteworthy safety features of Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat the energy absorbing base should come first. It’s really an effective way of redirecting the impact forces. There is also a tether that connects with the head rest or the upper portion of your car’s seat. This also plays a good role in energy absorption.

  • Comfort –

To begin with we must talk about the extra layers of foam that have been stored inside the seat. The foams aren’t there only for safety. It ensures maximum comfort for the child. Everything in Britax Advocate G 4.1 is so cleverly built.

It can be set up with a single pull tightening; the whole seat is adjustable with a single click. You can achieve different positions with the rising growth of your child with just a few clicks of buttons.

  • Judgment –

So, after the basics and two of the major points it should be clear that the Britax Advocate G 4.1 is a uniquely design one. This design is safe and comfortable enough for your child and there are records of the seat’s being successful in protecting the child from serious accidents.

Now, after consulting with many parents we found that none of them faces any major issues with the design or with the whole product. If you want to know more take a tour on the user review sections of different websites and you will be sure of the fact that it’s one of the most successful seats in the market.

The seat has a little drawback. Firstly, the model is still available in the market but it’s a little outdated because of the availability of a newer model. Secondly, the color design and looks of the Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat may not be that much appealing in midst all those fancy looking child safety seats in the market.

How to buy the right convertible seat?

This review on Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat tends to assist you. It’s not an advertising of any kind. There are some things like…

  • How suitable the seat is for your child?
  • What are its capabilities?
  • What is the safety features introduced in the seat?
  • How comfortable is it?
  • What the users of this seat feel like?

Specifically when it comes to convertible seats the problem is more acute. There are so many models available in the market and more things to keep an eye out for comparing to booster or infant seats.

Now, the question, is buying a convertible seat from the very beginning a good idea?

Well, in terms of safety it may be as same as compromising but the real benefit is that this type of seats, to be more specific the Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat covers a wide weight range of 5 to 65 lbs. So, you don’t have to buy three individual seats and can simply go with one. Now, the rest is up to you.

The combination of the prior points will lead you to the best child safety seat that you have been looking for all along.

The Pros:

  • A good product in a good price.
  • No struggling while installing the seat or putting the child in it.
  • Comes with a lot of padding and cushions which makes it more comfortable for the child.

The Cons:

  • Fewer color options and looks are a little backdated.
  • The availability of the newer model reduces its appeal

Comparison: Britax Advocate G 4.1 & ClickTight

Yes, we think you should be introduced with the comparison between these two models. The ClickTight is nothing but an updated and slightly better looking version of the G4.1. There are not too many differences except the price.

  • Similarities –

Yes, if you want to go with the ClickTight over the Britax Advocate G 4.1 Convertible Seat, it will cost you about a hundred bucks more. Let’s dig in deep and see what the same in the two models are and what the differences are.

Both the models have an integrated steel frame within them. The frames may not be as strong as those used in the booster seats but they surely fulfill the purpose of making the seat stronger.

Yes, that SafeCell technology, it’s present in both the model. The base of both Britax Advocate G 4.1 & the ClickTight Convertible Seat comes with this feature that makes the seat safer for the kid. Indeed it’s a praiseworthy design developed by Britax.

Just like the SafeCell, the SICT technology to provide protection from both sides. It’s not that complex as the energy absorbing base but it surely protects the head of the child with an extra wing of cushion.

  • Dissimilarities –

The major difference you will find in the ClickTight model is the new and improved click tightening design. It’s basically the same thing that is in the G 4.1 but it looks and works better the new model.

The new model is pretty easy to install also and it comes with a different seat and shell length and height what makes a lot of differences in the weight and height capacity of the seat.

So, you see with the extra hundred bucks you will get a product that just works better and nothing else. If that means a lot to you and money is not your area of concern then you can surely go with this seat without any hesitation.

Final Call:

This is a trusted product. You can easily depend on this because of having high standard safety features. This Britax Advocate G4 is the only series that comes with SICT technology which is rare in other best convertible car seat. Hope that; above Britax Advocate G4 Review will clear your thought regarding this top rated car seat.


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