Britax Emblem Review – Top Convertible Seat

Britax Emblem Review

If you don’t have any problems with spending enough for kiddo, products like The Britax Emblem should be your first choice. If you have a SUV or a modern car and want to provide the best possible safety for your child in it you just can’t deny a well decorated seat like this.

To know more about the product you are in the right place. Have your patients’ parents because we are going to guide you through the seat for your better understanding of what actually The Britax Emblem is.

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Why Britax Emblem?

The new model, Emblem is the latest version Britax that comes with cutting edge safety attributes. These big seats are really cool. It can be both rear and front facing with different weight capacity. The new model is so advanced that it provides ultimate protection. No other base comes with this type safety mode.

Britax is a popular name when it comes to baby equipment’s and their G 4.1 is one of the best convertible car seats in the whole world. The side impact protection level in this is unmatched with any other product. There are many more features of The Britax Emblem that should convince you to buy one.

Britax Emblem Review:

The following review you are going to go through will bring out everything about the product. The aim is not to throw the product in your shopping cart. This is one of the toppers in the best child car seat list. That doesn’t mean that everything about the product is good. Like, you won’t be able to carry the product in hands.

If you are still reading this article, this means that you are really interested in buying it and want to know more. I hope that this review will be helpful for you. So, here is the Britax Emblem review, followed by the main features of the product.

The review we’re going to present is a result of close inspection of the product and hours of research about the product. We’ve inspected this baby seat very carefully. We also have talked with the owners and few users. They all seemed so satisfied with it.

The Basic Features:

Here are the basic attributes of The Britax Emblem. We’ll add some remarks while presenting the basics before you.

  • Weight & Dimension –

The Britax Emblem is a well crafted and decorated convertible seat. Firstly, it’s lighter than all the previous models. In spite of being a product of 26 inch height and 18.5 inch width it weighs only 19.4 lbs.

The numbers indicate that it is quite suitable for your car as it doesn’t take much space. So, you’ll have enough space for other passengers on your back seat or you can adjust another seat of necessary.

19.4 lbs isn’t that much of a weight for a convertible seat. There’s a reason for the Britax Emblem’s being lightweight. There are other best booster seats available in the market what have stronger and heavy frames. They tend to be strong but in reality they are really heavy for your hands.

The Britax G 4.1 weights less; this doesn’t mean that it is not strong enough. It just uses different kind of protective layers built with foams on the side wings. Rather seats like these are best as travel car seat. When you will board a plane with this seat you will thank yourself for getting this seat.

  • Looks & Weight Capacity –

The looks of this car seat is astonishing and eye catching. It looks more like a sports car’s bucket seat. The look of the seat will satisfy about the safety of the product. Britax Emblem is way safer than the others.

The weight capacity of a seat is an important matter to be concerned with. It has a weight capacity ranging from 5 lbs to 65 lbs. The number is quite good on the downside. This indicates that you can use this seat from the first day of the child.

Alright, a 65 lbs top limit is not that much of a utility against the 85 lbs or 120 lbs seats. But we analyzed and found that you save the same amount if you buy this seat after the birth of your kiddo. So, not to worry too much parents!

Unique Features:

New impact absorbing padding, base and frame was introduced to this product. The united result of these features makes the convertible seat safe as mother’s womb. Wait, safety was not the only concern while the product was being designed.

No other product like the Emblems comes with this much color variations. Other than colors there are many changes were done. The new seat is way more user friendly. There’s actually nothing wrong with it.

Now, let’s get to the two main points of this review. The comfort and safety! Child safety seats aren’t like jewelry. You just can’t pick the one that is good to look at and pay enough attention to its safety and comfort details.

  • Comfort & Safety –

Britax Emblem is optimized for safety and comfort. The safest place in this seat is perhaps the side impact protection wings. They are built with two layers of different foams.

Side impact protection is as important as keeping the baby in rear facing mode. If you check the accident records you will see that side collisions are not a rare phenomenon. When we are talking about the safety offered by The Britax Emblem, we must inform you about the ultimate shield of this seat.

The ultimate safety feature of this seat is its Safe Cell which is designed to absorb maximum impact force with a frame and outer layers of protection. This complex technology has proven itself in real life. We think it is more than enough for your child’s safety.

Big seats are always comfortable. The depth is unmatched with any other convertible seats. This seat and the high quality materials of the seat give optimal comfort to your child. The harness and latches are soft on your child and they are really strong.

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It’s is competitively deeper than others. The head rest is an actual one. The unit comes with protection from all the way. The company has acquired a nice reputation of being safe.

Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat has a snug indicator for harness. The sides are filled with impact absorbing materials. The skeleton is a strong steel frame. The new base is pretty amazing too. It’s nothing like the regular ones.

It is equipped with suspension and responds to the slightest bumps in the road. If you want to ensure maximum protection for your child you should get it. My close inspection found no error with its safety. I would give it ten on ten for safety.

  • Design –

It’s lighter than the previous version. Remember, when a child safety seat is light it will be portable but some manufacturers hamper the safety of the product while making their product lightweight.

We have not found any issues like that in this model. Rather Britax Emblem seemed to be safe from the very first look. When we lifted it for the first time it wasn’t too heavy or too light. So, we think is the weight of this model is perfect for a convertible seat.

It comes in different color scheme and very easy to set up as well as hassle free. Latch connectors that are easy to plug in and plug out. Has a bold kind of look. What else do you look for in a convertible seat?

It’s got everything. Well, the seats don’t have any noteworthy flaws in its design and perhaps we couldn’t find anything wrong with it. The material that is used to cover the whole seat is friendly for the kids. It’s really comfortable that’s for sure.

But it’s a foe for the parents. Cleaning it can be a bit tricky. Be ready to sacrifice this if you want to get the most secured seat on the market. You can do that as a responsible parent, can’t you?

Even though the weight was reduced the product is still too heavy to carry around. It better be left on the car and never taken out until your child crosses the 65 pound mark. I’d give it 8 stars rating for its design.

What we think …?

In this part of the review we will go through the whole review again. First, if the product fits your budget you may get it. Comparing its quality with the cheaper child safety seats available in the market may not be a good idea.

Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat almost a flawless model that Britax has ever come forward with. It’s a popular brand and you can check the popularity of the brand in different online stores.

Here, we recommend you read the user review sections and you will certainly see that nobody’s complaining against this seat with any serious issues. Rather you will find evidence that this product has survived crushes.

The safety and comfort are the two major concerns of child safety seat that people look for. We have presented every feature of safety and comfort before you so that you can see for yourself how great this seat actually is.

At last we boldly announce that The Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat is designed in a way that it will make the child feel safe within the restraints.

Okay, here is the pros and cons section of the review …


  • Safest product of the market. I’ve seen it to score 10/10 everywhere. This is one of the products that made us satisfied. We’d like to remind you here that, going through the testing process are not an easy task for any product.
  • Wider weight range. Really adds value to your money. Yes, your each and every penny becomes worthy if your child can use the product for a longer period of time. This model has huge capacity in both the front and rear sitting positions.
  • Comes in different colors and designs. There are many good child safety seats available in the market but comes in a single color model. On contrary to that, this seat has various designs and options from which you can your child’s seat.
  • Warranty and better customer support. Although you don’t need it actually but having the warranty can give you relief that your product will be fixed if something happens to it. Remember, there aren’t any stores where you can fix your child’s safety seat.
  • Improved harness and LATCH connectors for minimum irritation. The best types of harnesses are those that come with a caring and strict attitude. It must restrain better but at the same time must not harm the child in the event of an impact due to extra tightness.


  • Even with the reduced weight the G 4.1 may feel a little heavy for a parent.
  • If you’re thinking of using it in any other way except car seat, this overpriced product won’t be a great help.

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Finally, with the course of time baby car seats are growing more and more bulky. They actually come with the promise of safety. The product we’ve been talking about is really a trustworthy one. If you often travel regularly with your child in the car then I’d simply recommend you the Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat.


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