Britax Pinnacle G1.1 ClickTight Review – Best Car Seat Ever

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 ClickTight Review

Britax has always been a popular name when it comes to child safety seats and their Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 ClickTight is unquestionably the greatest combination seat or convertible seat that they has to offer. The following section of this essay will be a complete analysis of the product and its features.

How will the review help you?

The perfect answer should be, by reducing your confusions of picking the best child safety seat for your kiddo. Here in the review we’ve tried our best to touch each and every specifications and features of the Britax ClickTight, so that you can have a clear idea about what you are buying.

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This way we’ll compare the features and specs with the standard and judge the seat from that point. This way you will have a better understanding of the Britax Pinnacle. So, let’s not spend any more lines in introduction and get to the review.

Introducing – Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 ClickTight

Child safety seats like the Britax Pinnacle G1.1 are for the matured kids and their extra careful parents. If you want to provide safety for your child even after it gets into pre-schooling.

The first thing I must bring about this is that, the origin of the product is in the soil of USA. So, the quality is unquestionably great.

The Pinnacle can house kids from 25 to 120 pounds. This weight limit is for your growing kids. And probably it would be a second stage infant car seat for your kid.

If you think that you won’t compromise with the safety of your child. Or you can’t just rely on the seat belt then don’t hesitate to pick this. Remember, this is not a portable seat that you can carry. The Pinnacle isn’t only for your kid. It’s something for your car also. Here’s a detailed discussion on this best car seat.

Why Would You Get This Car Seat?

Convertible car seats are actually a bridge between the infant seats and actual car seats. They are designed in a different way. Judging its features on the scale of lightweight infant seats won’t be a good idea.

Would you trust the safety features that are provided with your car? Would it actually protect your child on an accident? Trust us, it’s never enough, it will never be enough. That’s why providing your growing infant with a larger car seat is always a good idea.

It’s never unwise to be cautious. We request you not to be bothered about the extra spending. It’s your duty to take care of your child and provide it maximum safety.

Britax Pinnacle G1.1 ClickTight Review

After carefully analyzing the Pinnacle G1.1, I’ve found the following things that I’d like to share with you. The product really amazed me with its safety measures.

Features & Specifications:

Here are the list of some major specifications and features and their analysis. All the remarks were made with our long experience of evaluating child safety seats, conversation with parents using the Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 and a close and personal examination of the seat.

  • Weight Limits:

The Britax Pinnacle G1.1 is convertible come best booster seats for your child weighting from 25 to 120 lbs. The product itself weights 27 pounds. A lot of improvements were done to this model. Like in the installation system for example.

This weight range makes it a convertible seat of huge capacity. The forward facing harness position would be capable of holding a child up to 90 lbs. That’s really huge in a front facing section.

The scientists have proven through numerous crash tests that the front facing sitting position is not as safe as the rear facing. The issue doesn’t apply that much in the Britax ClickTight as it’s equipped with a harness system.

So, by this time you surely understand that the seat is not for newborns. There are other products in the market with a lot of emphasizes on the lower weight section. They are different from the Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 as it’s not an all in one product. It’s a downside for this seat.

  • Design and Installation:

The new locking mechanism is called ClickTight. The system is so user friendly that you can install it within seconds. What you have to do is take out the front of car seat and drive the seat belt across it. Then you can tighten the seat with a single click. It provides a strong hold and is really safe actually.

If you don’t want to have any sort of hassle in installing your seat inside your car then you should get this seat. It’s for those parents who are fading up of taking the hassle of child safety seat installation.

Britax car seats are well known for their safety. They are so qualified that they can keep your baby safe, even in big accidents. The SafeCell is a new technology and possibly the safest. It’s a combination of many features like, durable steel frame, impact absorbing base, high quality foam and stitching. All these result in the safest product in the market.

  • Safest Car Seat:

If you hold it by the hand you will have the idea of its durability. It’s not just foam shoved. Rather the frame that hides beneath the side protection padding is really a charm. This skeleton is a symbol of the seat’s safety and durability.

It has all those boring safety features like five point harness and all that. But the beauty is in somewhere else. It’s in the base. It’s so well crafted that it responds to the slightest impacts. The base of the Pinnacle comes with impact energy absorbing technologies. This is pretty complex too.

The ClickTight locking system is also a trustworthy one. All these are so dedicated for your child’s safety that your little angel will not slide a bit and stay protected inside. Firstly it is easy to install and if you start using the product you will soon understand that this seat this system also restrains the child better than others.

Also, there are two special features that have been introduced here. The first of them is the SafeCell impact protection and the other one is the three layers of side impact protection. The combination of both of this feature results in making the Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 ClickTight one of the most safest child safety seat for children.

  • Its Design:

These seats look really beautiful. It will make your baby hop in right away. These seats are made to attract them. Every tour in the car will be a carnival ride for them. It aims at maximum fit for your precious child. The comfort is amazing.

I’ve seen kids joy in them, met so many satisfied customers. I must note here that it’s a huge a car seat. It is not very much suitable for small cars. The bigger your car the better it is. This new design is smarter too. It lets you have the luxury of both convertible and booster set. Although, its not that big of a deal. There are other seats in the market what offer more.

The seat is available in three color schemes. You can choose any one of them according to your choice. The Britax ClickTight looks really modern and the look goes very nicely with almost all the modern car interiors. It’s also designed in a way to offer maximum comfort.

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  • Comfort, another Major Concern:

The material of Pinnacle is its optimal quality. They don’t bring out perception in your child. This saves them from catching cold or other skin problems. The straps are not rough on them though they are really tight and secured.

The head rest of the Pinnacle servers nicely. You can change the height to fit your child with the push of a button. Even you don’t have to hassle setting up the seat. Cleaning it’s also easy.

Also, not only this! You get to take out the cover whenever you want. This makes the use of the seat very much easy for the parents. Most parents struggle while cleaning the seat but with the Britax ClickTight they can be tension free.

The Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 has adjustable straps what will change accordingly with your child’s growth. Although adjustable harness and straps are a common feature in every child safety seat in the market but the accuracy of it matters. In this seat you will hardly face any problem while adjusting the harnesses.

Remember, a wrongly adjusted and installed strap will give your child a lot of discomfort and it will also hinder the available safety inside a convertible or any kind of seat. That’s why we highly recommend you to go through the manual that comes with this seat and set up the harness for optimal comfort and safety.

Here are the Pros and Cons to pin point its features and errors …


It’s very much obvious that the product have a lot of pros and very less cons. We will now shortly list them for you. We hope that this will be helpful for you.

  • Safest product in the market: It’s just the tag line given by the manufacturer that comes with the product. But, as far we’ve reviewed the seat it appeared very safe to us. Although the seat became wide for being safe but it’s worth it.
  • Comfortable for your child: After reading the review on comfort of the product, you surely have gathered some idea about the seat’s comfort and reason for its being comfortable.
  • Provides a wide range of weight capacity: If you are going to get a child safety seat after an infant seat then we’d highly recommend this seat for you. It’s a perfect choice that will be effective from 25 lbs of a child and up to its 120 lbs. This way you won’t need to buy a booster set separately.
  • Very easy to install and comes with the best quality base: Easy installation was a top priority given in this seat. Where there are many good models of child safety seats in the market but some of them are really hard to install inside a car.


Nothing in this world is entirely flawless. The same applies to this best travel car seats also. How much you look in the market you will never find a car seat that doesn’t have a downside. Here’s a short list of the flaws that you may find in the Britax Pinnacle.

  • Heavy product: Yes, the Britax ClickTight is a bit heavy. But ask yourself how often do you have to carry the seat by hands? Its overweight is never its downside actually. Rather it’s a good sign that the seat has a stronger and heavier frame on board
  • Takes a lot of space: This could be a little issue for you. The seat takes a good amount of space as it has wider side impact protection. The manufacturer emphasized on providing a good level of protection from the sideways an hence the product became wide. But, that extra width is negligible and you actually don’t need the extra space that this seat consumes.

Final Call:

If you have gone through the article then, thank you. You surely have a lot of patients and a strong desire to hunt the most appropriate child safety seat for your kiddo. By this time you surely know the product better.

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Now, match the product’s features with your and your child’s need. See if it fits all the criteria of your demand. Then, remember the price of a Britax Pinnacle G 1.1 ClickTight is bit higher than other products in the market. Don’t mistake the pricing as overpriced. Because, Britax is a brand that will never compromise with child safety. You can have complete faith upon them.

Finally, I’ve brought out almost everything about the product. Now, it’s mostly upon you to decide whether you are going to choose this product for your kids or not. I would rate the product like this; 7/10 for design, 8/10 for combined comfort of kids, 9/10 for the safety. Britax Pinnacle G1.1 ClickTight Car Seat really a great product to have in your car.


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