10 Things to Judge while Buying Convertible Car Seat

Buying Convertible Car Seat

As a parents, don’t you confused about the things to judge while buying a convertible car seat?

As a prior user of children’s safety seat you’ve gathered knowledge about the things to look for in an infant seat. But how much do you know about best convertible car seats?

A car seat is part of Car or SUV…

…There are many car seats in the market.

But it’s very tough task for you to purchase the right seat for your car. To buy a good seat for your vehicle, you must narrow down your decisions into some specific brands.

Before purchasing a good seat, you need to consider 10 things in your mind.

Remember- following these points will bring your home the safest possible car seat for your little angel. The points are specifically designed for buying and providing the safest convertible car seat for your child.

These are discussing below:

  • No-01:  Forward or Rear Facing

Up to this point you were probably an owner of a rear facing car seat as all the infant seats of today’s market are rear facing.


It was a matter of great debate considering which type of seat among these two are the safest for the child. Many tests and researches were conducted on this. At last, from credible sources it was experimentally proven that rear facing seats are better.

There’s a problem also… You can’t keep a rapidly  growing child inside a rear facing seat for a long time. That’s why after a certain age you have to shift the child to a forward facing seat.

For this interchange you won’t have to buy a new seat if you get a convertible seat right now. These seats are named convertible because they allow both rear and forward sitting positions.

A good car seat has rear & forward facing facilities. You can easily buy a seat which has both facilities. Before purchasing a nice car seat, you must verify these facilities.

A best convertible seat has forward & rear facing facilities. It is a vital feature of best car seat. These are designed for kids. You can simply change height & weight according to your requirements. Convertible car seats have both options.

It provides you a long lasting result. If money is not a factor, then you can choose top convertible car seat for child safety.

  • No-02:  Weight & Height Limits

It’s a must follow kind of point actually.

Remember: your child must meet the weight and height limit of a travel car seat. Otherwise its safety will greatly be hampered, resulting in devastating injuries even in slight impacts.

That’s why we recommend you to measure the weight and height of your child and get a clear idea about getting the appropriate child safety seat.

Infant Seat Weight Limit

Before buy a baby car seat, you need to consider weight & height limits of the seat. Most of seats come from the factory with specific weight & height limits. The manufacturing company follows the specifications of the seat.

You have to consider the minimum and maximum height otherwise there is always a risk for fitting the car seats in a vehicle.

The seat manufacturers display the weight & height limits in the box. To get the perfect model and perfect shape for your car is not a tough job. Try to consider about the future utility of the seat and keep it in your mind for future growth of your child.

  • No-03:  Having LATCH system

Be sure that the convertible seat you’re going to buy has the LATCH system.

It’s way more different from regular straps and locks. Although almost all the modern child safety seats come with a LATCH in these days…

…but do you know what LATCH is?

LATCH system

The meaning of LATCH is “Lowering Anchors and Tethers for kids”. It is a nice system in a seat. It is designed to make an easy installation. This system ensures you to make the car seat safe.

This latch system was introduced in 2003. If your vehicle was manufactured in 2003 or after that, then you will easily get this amazing feature.

In this system, there are metal bars on the car seat where the tethers attach. It provides you a more security in driving.

The LATCH system is the optimum locking system you can say as no other mechanism is so mild on the child and rough on firmness. This system is very critically engineered before designing each and every child safety seat.

  • No-04:  Having 5 Point Harness System

You have heard of it, haven’t you?

… But do you know what is the five point harness is?

To give a simplified definition, 5 point harness is a Harness system what has five individual straps and locks.

Why is it so important?

… Because it’s harmless for the child while firmly holding it inside the car seat.

A growing child doesn’t have a fully developed neck bone, muscle, rib cage, abdominal muscles, spinal columns. That’s why an individual pulling force on any one of these organs can cause serious injuries.

That’s when a five point harness comes handy. It distributes the force all over the child’s body so the impact is lessened on any particular area. This is also a fact that can prove stock car seat belts are worthless and dangerous for children.

A good convertible car seat has 5-point harness. It can keep your child safe. The five points are 2 shoulder straps, a chest clip and a crotch strap. At present, most of best infant car seat has five point harnesses.

It is not difficult task for you to locate this feature in a car seat.

  • No-05:  New or Used Seat   

When it comes to the question of buying new or used car seat, the answer could be a bit tricky as both of them have their own benefits. Pre-owned car seats can be bought with the half price of a new one.


The seat manufacturers can’t provide you a warranty for used seats.

So… Before buying a used seat, you need to verify the past history of that seat.

Most of the safety experts recommend purchasing new seat instead of used seat. Most of the used seats could have structural damage. Sometimes structural damage can be visible. That’s why you should purchase a new car seat.

Or, there’s another great option, look for any close friends or family members who has one stored in a closet after they are done using that. If the car seat is okay what’s the problem of using it.

This tips will hopefully save you a lot. Whatever you do, never compromise with the safety of your child.

  • No-06:  Adjustability

It’s always a better option to test the seat in your car and with your child sitting in it.

This may not be possible if you’re shopping online. That’s why you need to emphasize on the user reviews.

Remember- the issue of adjustability aren’t always clearly mentioned in the features section of a convertible car seat. While buying best convertible car seat, you must make sure that it can easily be equipped on your car’s seat.

A good seat is used for setting up your growing up child.

Some car seats have straps which are easier to adjust in the vehicle. So, once again we’d like to remind you that, before buying car seat, you need to ensure the adjustability of the seat.

  • No-07:  Easy to Install

Ease of installation is something that you should look for yourself and not for the child.

Install convertible car seat

If you constantly have to change cars or take out the seat you must ensure that the seat is easy to install and remove. It will save your precious time and reduce a lot of hassle.

Few car seats are very easy to install than other seats. If you face difficulties to install a seat in the car, you need to contact with the police station or firehouse immediately. They can install the seat easily in the car.

  • No-08:  Price Range

Actually it’s the main factor behind everything.

How much you are willing to spend will determine what kind of product you’ll get. So, determine it before everything.

If you can manage a good budget, you’ll get a safer, friendly and brilliant convertible car seat for your kid. But if you are a little short on the budget you have to grope around.

There are fewer products on higher price and almost all of them are complete convertible car seats. Finding faults with them or complaining against them would be a very rare scenario.

So, it would be better if you aim towards them.

Car seats come to the market with variety of prices. It is another key factor for a best convertible car seat.

…Before buying good one, you have to consider the price of the seat. The price of a good seat is expensive than others. That’s why, you should think about the price of the seat which is suitable for you.

  • No-09:  Color & Style

If you have an artistic mind and seek beauty in everything you should take note of the color scheme and product style of convertible car seats.

Another thing is that the car seat should go with the interior of your car. Say like, if you own a sports coupe, you’d certainly need a modern or sporty looking convertible seat.

Colorful & Stylish Car Seat

Where a Mercedes or Audi demands a car seat that has a more classy kind of touch to it. Also, a boy’s car seat should be different from a girls’ one by it’s color.

Now-a-days, people are considering styles of the seat. They like to purchase stylist car seats. There are varieties of colors and styles are available. You can choose an attractive color and style from the list.

  • No-10:  Well Fitted

Buying an unfit convertible car seat is nothing but waste of money.

In order to provide maximum safety, the child safety seat must sit on your stock car seat snugly. It should not be so tight that it can’t move more than half inch.

Also… This point should be a matter of concern for you if you own an older model or classic car. In that case only buy a seat after being sure that you can fit it in your car.

It is a nice question for now-a-days. A best car seat must be fitted in a car. Car seats come to the market in many shapes and size.

Before purchasing a nice car seat, you need to think about whether it is fitted well or not.


First of all, know what a convertible car seat is. You can follow it from our website for more detailed information. And when you know what convertible seat is, move to the next step.

The next step is to determine your budget and then look for the products that will match your budget. After that go through our checklist once again if you have to and judge if your desired convertible car seat models match and fulfill all the demands.

If all the demands are met, be sure that you will end up with a nice convertible car seat. Then, what you should do is take a peek in your local baby equipment store and try the product practically or you can just order it online. This way you will be buying best convertible car seat for your little angel.


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