Chicco NextFit (Sapphire) Review – Top Rated Car Seat

Chicco NextFit Car Seat Review

If you are looking for a complete convertible seat, then the Chicco NextFit Sapphire should be your first priority.


Because – this convertible seat will be enough for your child’s safety and it comes with a kind of promise to provide both the child and its parent’s maximum comfort.

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In the following article we’ll show you everything about the Chicco NextFit convertible car seat.

We hope that, this effort of us will help you with your convertible seat purchase.

Here, our goal would be to bring out all the attributes and features of the product before you and critically analyze the seat.

To begin with, we should say that, the Chicco NextFit is one of the most widely sold convertible car seats in the market.

So, why does a convertible child safety seat has this large sales rate even after it’s priced over three hundred bucks?

The answer to this question will be clear to you at the end of this article on Chicco NextFit review. Now you know that its price is way above than a regular convertible seat.

Come; at first let’s introduce you with the convertible seat.

Chicco NextFit Sapphire Review

Chicco NextFit is almost like the regular convertible seats, but its built quality is way more amazing. This seat doesn’t have any legendary or space age features that you would expect against that price tag. But each and every inch of it reflects quality.

Chicco Nextfit Zip (Sapphire)

First of all, the Chicco NextFit Sapphire is a huge convertible seat. Then, the most noteworthy thing about it is its ease of use. This seat comes in a zip edition.

The zip that allows taking out the cover in seconds derives the price of the seat very high. But this feature is no match with any other seat cover removal features. Other than this, everything in the Chicco NextFit is of a good built quality.

Weight Capacity:

The Chicco NextFit has a minimum weight capacity of 5 lbs and a maximum weight capacity of 65 lbs. 5 lbs on the lower end but too much suitable for a newborn child. 4 lbs is rather the perfect size for them.

  • Minimum Weight: You should keep in mind that, keeping a newborn in a convertible car seat is not a good idea at all. For the safety of the smallest kids, the safest infant car seats are the best. They have different level of padding, housing and safety features.

This convertible seat’s capacity in the rear facing option is 5 to 40 lbs. Although 5 is not a good down limit but on the high side 40 lbs is quite good for a rear facing option. You don’t easily get a rear facing seat with such capacity in the market.

  • Maximum Weight: Chicco has emphasized on designing their seat with perfect weight capacity. The forward facing option in the Chicco NextFit has the capacity of holding a child from 22 lbs to 65 lbs. It’s really great as a forward facing seat capacity.

Here are some things that you must know here. The weight capacity of the forward facing seat starts from 22 lbs doesn’t necessarily mean that you will move your child in the forward facing position at 22 lbs. You are provided with the maximum capacity of 40 lbs in the rear facing option.

Caution: To ensure complete safety of your child leave it in the rear facing position for as long as possible. The Chicco NextFit has a great reclining range. A proper utilization of the wide weight capacity and reclining range can ensure complete safety for your little angel.


The dimension of a convertible seat is very important. Where most parents overlook the numbers you wouldn’t be doing the mistake as a follower of us. Actually, we will leave no room for you to do such mistakes.

When you fully assemble the Chicco NextFit, the dimension would be 21 inches in length, 29.2 inches in height and 19 inches in width. Now, let’s see what the numbers say. A 21 inches deep convertible seat is very much comfortable.

  • Length: The deeper a car seat is, the safer it is for the child. It also indicates that enough padding was provided inside the seat. Although it may cause you a little bit of hassle if your car’s seat is not long enough. Most modern cars come with longer and wider car seats in these days. So, it may not be an issue for you.
  • Height: The height of the seat is 29.2 inches. It’s enough for a convertible seat. It’s just not too high neither too low. Here’s an interesting thing. The upper portion of the seat doesn’t have a border line on the front.

On the other hand, the height of the head rest is adjustable. That’s why there will be no risk of your child’s head bumping with anything. The head rest has wider wings also. So, your child’s head will get an additional protection.

  • Width: The width is the most important part of the dimensions. The Chicco NextFit has a width of 19 inches. It’s not too bulky not to sleek. Most compact convertible seats have 17 inches width. The seventeen inches are really great as they allow maximum free space on back seat.

Like all other numbers, the 19 inches width is not that bad. It will not consume other’s space and will leave enough room for another convertible or infant or booster seat of necessary. So, we can say that, the dimensions of a fully assembled Chicco NextFit are quite perfect.


The Chicco NextFit Sapphire weights 25 lbs. The weight of a convertible car seat doesn’t matter too much actually. 25 lbs is not that much heavy for a convertible seat. You will only have to carry the weight while installing the seat inside your car.

When the seat will be shipped at your home its weight would be around 30 lbs. Parents complain about the extra weight of an infant seat but they don’t have much to complain about the convertible seats. A best convertible car seat for compact cars is not something that you have to carry with your hand.

There’s an extra benefit you will get if you buy the Chicco NextFit. That is, you won’t have to take out the seat while cleaning the seat. The cover of the seat can’t be unzipped for cleaning. So, no more carrying out the seat while cleaning it.

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Major Concerns of a Convertible Seat:

While buying the best travel car seat, safety and comfort are the two points that you need to consider the most. In the following section we’ll bring all the safety and comfort features of the Chicco NextFit convertible car seat in front of you and critically analyze them for your consideration.

Safety Features –

  • The ReclineSure & RideLight

The name ReclineSure should come in the top of the list when it comes to the safety features of the Chicco NextFit. Basically it’s a leveling system and perhaps the most advanced one fitted inside a child safety seat that every parents must care.

It will allow a full proof installation of the safety seat in your car. With this special feature the car seat can becomes ready to accommodate itself in any car. Moreover there was another feature called RideLight equipped on both sides of the seat just to make sure that it’s leveled and sitting firmly.

This precise level installation really makes the seat ready to face the slightest of the bumps on the road. These two features were dedicated for the restraining of the convertible car seat and for restraining the child snugly Chicco has introduced SuperClinch tightening for the LATCH.

  • The SuperCinch

SuperCinch is a one pull tightening system. With this revolutionary system you can gain huge tightening force with a slight pull. This is not only a safety feature for a better restraint but also it reduces a lot of hassle that you have to face while installing the seat.

This feature ensures you a tight fit attachment of the child with the seat. It can also secure you a good fit with very little effort. It is true that we don’t have to use our whole body and its force to get the convertible seat in tight position. There is an easy slide path in this convertible seat. This feature can help you to make it easy for re-positioning the strap if it is necessary.

  • Everything Adjustable

We know that toddler and babies grow very fast. That’s why the seat was designed to be as much adjustable as it could be. The headrest in the Chicco comes with a 6 position adjustable feature. And not only is the headrest the most adjustable feature in the car seat.

There are 2 position chest clips in this convertible car seat. This feature also does the same activity. The harness of the seat can be adjusted by one pull. This feature is easy to adjust the harness in a car for the growing up child.

When it comes to restraining a child from 5 to 65 lbs, you just can’t deny these adjustable straps. Adjusting on this scale sometimes may cause problems. That’s why we are recommending you to be extra careful while you are tightening the straps.

Comfort –

If you look closely at the safety features you will see that everything was designed with comfort in mind. Everything focuses on easy installation of the convertible seat and minimizing the effort from parents’ part.

  • The Padding: It is not only confined in giving the parents comfort. The main goal of the Chicco NextFit was to cherish the need of comfort that children must have. With that in mind the whole thing was designed with attention to every single detail.

The Chicco NextFit Sapphire comes with a quite promising padding for comfort as well as safety. It doesn’t look bulky at all. The interesting thing is that, puddings in the convertible car seat are all inside a shell. The outer layer and the back part of the whole seat are covered with a plastic covering.

The 25 lbs weight of the product makes sure that, the Chicco NextFit has a good padding within it to provide both safety and comfort to the child.

  • The Zip & Wash: Have you already faced the pain of cleaning your infant seat? Then you know how it feels and how tiring it can be. To redeem that hassle of yours Chicco has introduced the zip cover in the Chicco NextFit Sapphire, which is perhaps the most prominent feature of the whole seat.

If the seat gets messy with spills and food shred or dust or anything else, what you have to do is take out the cover by unzipping it. Then you can directly throw it inside a washing machine. To clean the covers use a soft detergent and don’t wash it for too long.

While the cover is being washed inside you can take a wet piece of cloth and clean the inner part of the seat by gently wiping it. This way the seat will be clean inside out. If you want you can deodorize the zipped open seat with an alcohol based perfume what will prevent any sort of bacteria formation and leave a nice smell.

Final Overview:

So, after all these one thing is for sure and that is, the Chicco NextFit is a fairly good product available for you. You may find the price a bit problematic but all the Chicco NextFit features make up for the price.

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Now, if you are willing to spare then this could be the right product for you. Here’s the thing, buying it for your first child would be enough, as you can even use it for your next child or children. And this is possible because the Chicco NextFit zip has a flawless built quality and the straps don’t wear off that easily.

When it comes to safety and comfort the seat is unbeatable and you will see the proof of it on every website’s customer review section. Everywhere the seat is ranked with an over 90% remarks in every aspect. All its features and great quality provided by Chicco makes the Chicco NextFit Sapphire convertible car seat one of the best picks in the market.


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