Clek Fllo Review 2020 – Best Car Seat to Buy

The Clek Fllo 2020 is the “Best” that you will see in the market. It is also the most compact and safest convertible car seat. Compact is the one of the most concerned concepts of modern world. Do you know what the main beauty of the Fllo is? It’s in its design.

Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat

The seat can house kids up to 50 pounds, yet it doesn’t take a lot of space and provides more safety. The built quality will surprise you. Although it comes with price tag, the features are amazing. I would recommend it for kids if you are okay with the price. Don’t think that this product would be a waste of money.

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The Clek Fllo Convertible Seat is pretty much safe for your kiddo. So, the introduction of this article should make it clear that, this is one of the best car seat. Now, before we go digging inside the seat let’s learn a bit more about this review.

 A Few Tips for the Parents:

Before buying a child safety seat for the protection of the child, parents must decide very carefully which seat to buy or at least they should. When you are going to buy a convertible seat for your child, you must give the top most priority to safety.

Not only safety is the main thing to take note of. The second thing you should inspect is the comfort of the seat. These two should be your headache. Then there are many other points to take care about.

Clek Fllo Review:

Okay, now about the review. This review is a guideline for you to buy the product that will be best for you and not the product that we think is the best. has always been bringing out the true facts and experiences that customers had with this product. So, in the following section we’ll talk about The Clek Fllo convertible car seat. If you aren’t scrolling yet! Than thank you! The real review begins here.

We hope that, this review will reduce all your confusion about this seat where from other short reviews of other web sites you come out more confused. Please enjoy the rest of the review.

Why Clek Fllo?

There are some things you just can’t compromise with. Your child’s safety is on top of that list. If you don’t have any money issue then provide your child the best. Gift a Clek Fllo.

Okay, you are still reading this review that means you are really interested about the Clek Fllo. The following paragraphs will bring out every nuts and bolts of the product.

I hope that my Clek Fllo review will help you to choose your pick more wisely. Perhaps you are thinking about best travel car seat for your growing child. This will be a great product. But first, I would like to remind you that it’s a secondary level infant seat. Your child needs a minimum weight of fourteen lbs.

Here are the details of Clek Fllo for you…

The Basic Features of Clek Fllo:

It’s always necessary to know the product’s attributes before going to buy it. So, here we’ll compile everything for you in one place with a little bit of touch of remarks. It will help you both in knowing the product is well as judge its quality.

  • The Clek Fllo weights 25 lbs, it’s not too much as well as too light. Rather the weight is perfect and as it’s a compact seat everything can be forgiven.
  • The product is made in Canada; and we think we don’t have to give you any exaggeration of the quality of the Canadian product. It is always better than those Chinese products.
  • Minimum weight capacity recommended for this product is 14 lbs where maximum weight limit is 65 lbs. Doesn’t the capacity sound convincing enough? Well, most of the seats of this class share this same number.
  • Okay, the price may be a bit higher than some other products and you may also find some products with the capacity of 120 lbs or so in the same price, but this one is a unique blend of compactness and safety which is a rare quality in other products.
  • Other than these the product is so compact that you can place three Fllo’s in backseat of all the cars. If you have three safeties seat required or you are in the day care business then it’s your ideal product.
  • The dimension of this seat is its main weapon which is 16 inches by 17 inches by 26 inches. Sounds compact? Yes, in terms of depth and width it’s a compact seat from all the way.
  • Do you know what the best benefit of a compact seat is? You get to carry it in flights without any problems in those scanty aircraft seats. Even you will regret of buying other seats when you face the reality of economy class.
  • As it’s a convertible seat it offers both the luxury of rear and forward facings seats. In the rear facing mode this seat will accommodate children from 23 to 45 inches and the minimum weight capacity of this mode is 14 lbs and the maximum is 50.
  • The forward facing option offers the weight capacity from 22 lbs to 65 lbs where the height limit is from 30 to 49 inches. Well, The child may not be able to use this seat from its birth and it’s a sort of a drawback of the seat.

The Unique Features:

With the high price you buy a product which is more modern, more advanced than any other seats in the market. It has three layers of cutting edge energy absorbing foams in the whole body, sides and headrest. It is set up on an aluminum structure. It also features a crumple technology what is automotive inspired. This technology is highly impact absorbing.

This makes this seat better than other seats in the market as it tends to protect better. You should never forget that the ultimate goal of a child safety seat is to protect. The material that has been used as the seat’s cover is different from the other seats and it keeps the seat hygienic too.

Its rear facing seat is quite extended and houses child up-to 50 lbs. It’s an unmatched feature with other products. There’s also an anti rebound bar and flip foot that comes with the baby seat. These hold the seat tight and firmly. Fllo also comes with a high quality fabric. It is so advanced that it doesn’t get wet, catch stains and keeps away bacteria formation.

All these features of the Fllo make it an iconic car seat and set the bar really high for others. After properly analyzing the Fllo, I’ve found that it really goes with the modern era. Here’s a glimpse of my understanding about the product.

  • Safety –

As a compact product it is very easy to be misunderstood as an unsafe one. But really it’s nothing like that. No other product in the market comes with three stage padding. No other product has a honeycomb frame beneath.

No other product uses that strong aluminum frame. No other product has that strong anti rebound bar for extra tight fitting. So, decide for yourself whether it’s safe or not. There’s an extra price that you need to pay for the seat. We think that Clek has emphasized most on the safety.

The seat has been tested many times on the manufacturer’s own lab and government testing labs. All the results were positive and by the time it gets inside your car, it’s ensured that the seat is safe enough for your child.

Best Clek Fllo Car Seat

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Well, most of the forward facing position in a convertible seat is not as safe as the rear facing mode. That’s why to be completely assured of the children’s safety there should be some special energy absorbing techniques involved in the seats.

The Clek Fllo Convertible Seat is equipped with a special technology called EACT where aluminum frames are assembled on a honeycomb design. This structure acts very fast when the seat meets an accident. It also works a suspension keeping the child really safe from every angle.

  • Design –

This is a perfect growing kid’s seat what looks like a car seat and not a picnic basket. Have you seen the dimension ratio? It’s just amazing! The way they built the Fllo is unique. It’s so solid and gives no impression of looking bulky.

This sleek design makes the seat look rock solid. It’s very hard to say something about the unit’s safety just from its looks. Where the Fllo are over all the US safety standards; that is what art is about. When it comes to looks pretty eye catching and doesn’t seem bulky like those beefy infant seats or too narrow like the boosters.

Also, the design of this seat which comes in different colors has to do a lot with safety. Beneath the cover and padding there is a strong aluminum bar that rebounds and absorbs impacts. Also, the side impact protection wings and the head rest are quite convincing.

  • Comfort –

Not only looks and safety is enough to make a child safety seat a great one. It should be comfortable for both the child and its parents. The children should be comfortable in it.

For the Clek Fllo Convertible Seat it may not be that much comfortable for the child who aren’t growing with the average ratio. This means that children with extra weight may have some accommodation issues.

That’s why it’s better for you to measure your child first and then see if it matches the dimensions of the seat. Other than this The Clek Fllo should be a comfortable seat.

What we think?

The product is an all star one. It has everything you look for in a car seat. It will never be a waste of money. And you can use it for a long time as it gives a wide weight capacity. Read customer reviews on Amazon about this car seat.

To Sum up The Whole Review

This section of the article gives you a brief about the whole essence of the review Let us start by rating the product.

The Pros:

  • High safety standard: Yes, with the technologies involved the seat is one of a kind in its class. If you want a safe convertible seat with compactness then go with Clek Fllo.
  • Compact and sleek design: The design of the seat is an advanced one that suppresses all the others in the market.
  • Built with high quality materials: The built quality of the Clek Fllo is way better than those Chinese built products. That’s why you will have very less chance of ending up with a faulty product.
  • Good Track Records: The Clek Fllo Convertible Seat Holds quite a few records of successfully surviving accidents and keeping the baby unharmed.

The Cons:

  • High price: This seat is not quite suitable for every buyer. In the same price you may get a product that has higher and wider weight capacity but when it comes to safety money shouldn’t matter much.
  • Heavy unit: This seat is quite heavy. Traveling with it inside the car won’t be too much of a problem but when you will carry it for a flight you may find it difficult for those 25 lbs of weight.

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It’s for sure that, Clek Fllo is a premium secondary stage child car seat. There’s actually nothing to complain about this product. If you can afford, go with this and leave the rest. Some things are simply great. Clek Fllo car seat is one of those things.


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