Diono Rainier 2AXT Review – Convertible Plus Booster Seat

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

Diono Rainier 2AXT is the most eye catching convertible plus booster car seats in the market. Also, it is so uniquely built to ensure safety and comfort. The Rainier has all the premium features of a car seat. It comes with a wide weight and height range.

If you look at the product closely you will get a clear idea of its built quality. The product is very modern and comes in different color schemes. It really looks cool in your car. There’s another unique feature of it. It tends to last at least for twelve years. So, one Rainier can be a complete companion of your kids’ childhood.

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Introducing of the Diono Rainier 2AXT:

The following review will be on this convertible seat where we will try to judge the product as closely as we can. If you are a regular follower of mybestcarseat.com you will clearly have some idea how our reviews are presented.

We’ve analyzed the car seat market and came up with some of the best products to present before you. Unlike others, we try to make the description of a product review as much detailed as we can.

When you will be done reading the whole review there will hardly be any information left about the Diono Rainier. We hope that among the huge crowed of car seats in the market you will be able to pick the one for your kid.

So, here’s the review for you …

Diono Rainier 2AXT Review:

The following section will be a review on the Diono Rainier and the goal would be to inform you everything about the product. First of all, I must remind you that the product is for kids from 5 to 120 lbs. So, make sure your child is ready for the product.

Another thing is, it costs less than other best booster seats and has the same kind of ratings in most of the review sites. Now, before you buy it here’s the features and review for you. Actually there are very less difference between a normal and a premium convertible seat.

But the Diono 2AXT car seat sits between the both categories and has all the necessary and prominent features of a convertible seat inside. Come; let us introduce you with the product by throwing it under the microscope.

Why Diono Rainier?

Diono Rainier is a decorated booster seat. It has a unique combination of quality, safety and looks. Moreover it can easily be marked as a compact car seat, as it doesn’t take much space. It’s more like a seat from a spaceship. Actually it’s an example of modern art.

If you look at both the price tag and the product and compare it with others, you will surely find it a wise pick. Ask yourself, what really do you need in a convertible seat?

The first thing would be safety and the next things should be comfort, wider usability and good looks. The Diono Rainier convertible car seat has everything.

The Diono Rainier has many promising features. Here are the details …

The Basic Features:

Here is the analysis of the basic feature of the Diono Rainier 2AXT. These will help you to understand what the seat actually is.

  • Item Weight –

The Rainier weights 28.4 lbs. Which is a bit heavier than other car seat? But, when it comes to convertible seats, the heavier the better. You certainly don’t have to carry the seat around that often. That’s why the extra weight won’t bother you too much. Actually the steel frame in the seat is the main source of its extra weight. But that’s for your child’s safety, isn’t it?

  • Weight Capacity –

To be a wise consumer of a child safety seat you must give top priority to the weight capacity of a child safety seat.  The Diono Rainier has three stages within it.

The first stage is the rear facing sitting arrangement where children from 5 lbs to 50 lbs can be comfortably accommodated. Yes, you’ve heard right. The top end of the rear facing is capable of holding children up to 50 lbs. Perhaps the Diono Rainier is capable of serving this much.

The next stage is the harnessed forward facing sitting arrangement. It has the capacity of 20 to 90 lbs. It’s more than enough for your child. And lastly the seat can also be used as a booster seat where it will be able to accommodate a child up to its 120 lbs weight.

So, you see it’s a complete package for your kiddo’s safe sitting arrangements in a car. This wide capacity is one of the reasons for the seat’s wide sales. We say, if you are looking forward to save 200$ – 500$ you can go with the product without considering anything else.

  • Dimensions –

The dimension is 16 by 17 by 28.4 inches. Take a closer look at the numbers. The height, the width and the length of the seat is just perfect. These dimensions almost make the seat a compact one.

The seat will leave enough space on the back seat so that others can sit or two more seats can be positioned. So, you will have very less problems with the accommodation of the Diono 2AXT.

  • The Steel Frame –

The Rainier has a steel and aluminum frame. Framing is important in convertible and booster seats. They give the highest level of protection and works as a defending force against the impact forces. Although it makes the seat heavy but you should neglect that as it protects the child better.

  • Advanced Foaming –

The Rainier has deep sidewalls. They are very wide and care for the child. A great level of foaming was done around the whole seat. The presence of memory foam is only inside the base of the Diono Rainier 2AXT car seat. No other product uses it.

  • Folding Seat –

To make the storing of this easy, it has been designed in a way that it will fold flat. That’s why you will face no hassle while taking out the seat or storing it in any corner of your car or closet. These type of folding seats are also very easy to setup too.

  • Adjustable and Newborn Friendly –

The headrest is very effective in protecting the head and shoulder and it can be adjusted in twelve different positions. Not only that, the other straps can be adjusted too. The deep shell helps to give comfort to the child and it increased the weight capacity too.

The Unique Features:

The Rainier is a best baby car seat and it converts into a booster for the growing ones. It’s also an extended car seat which is rear facing. The whole seat is filled with highly energy absorbing EPS foam.

The foam is set on a steel skeleton what has aluminum reinforced sides. The super LATCH, designed by Diono is so secured that it makes sounds and shows you that the connectors are locked. All these features make the Rainier a flawless convertible plus booster seat.

  • Trustworthiness –

Diono Rainier proved it trustworthiness in many serious accidents. Where parents and the car were badly injured; but it kept the child really safe. Other than safety everything appeared to me as quite convincing.

The quality (even after being an imported product) of the Diono 2AXT is unbelievably great. You will hardly find anything that you can complain about. There are many serious faults in other seats of the market. We haven’t found anything in this seat.

  • Safety –

Well enough. Now a day the infant and booster seat manufacturers don’t hesitate to fill up their product with safety features. To be sold products must meet all the required safety standards of the US. The Rainier has everything for safety.

It comes with a composite material frame what is built with aluminum and steel, extra beefy side protection, a decent and adjustable headrest, tight and protective harness along with locking mechanism. We’d give it a 9/10 for safety.

This seat has gone through a lot of tests while being manufactured and on govt. testing labs. They have been certified as safe and it also won awards too. Side impact protection in the seat is really great.

When it comes to safety of your child, you can have complete faith on the Diono Rainier. It has arrangements of every possible safety mechanisms that were mandatory for a convertible seat.

  • Comfort and Design –

It is one of the most decorated and best travel car seats. The Rainier looks bold but actually it is compact and leaves a lot of room for sitting or other seats. The whole thing has additional layers of cushioning. All these make this product of Diono, the most comfortable one.

The brand boldly announced that this baby seat will last for at least 12 years. Can any other brand give such commitment? The Rainier also has two larger and luxurious body pillows for babies. Also, cleaning it is effortlessly easy. Rainier gets a 8/10 for its comfortable design.

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The Pros:

  • Beautiful looks. The product fits beautifully in the car and goes pretty well with every car. Moreover, this is a kind of a booster seat that you can just buy for the looks. It looks bold but actually consumes a very little space. Also, this car seat is suitable for kids of any age.
  • It provides all sorts of safety. This makes the Rainier a trustworthy booster seat. There’s no lacking to the safety mechanisms with this seat. It has got everything that a convertible seat needs.
  • This car seat proved its effectiveness on various accidents. Well those records never lie. Yes, check on the internet and you will find that the Diono Rainier Convertible Seat is a successful one.
  • The price is quite reasonable too. It will easily fit your budget and last for minimum 12 years. A wise pick indeed. If you are willing to buy child safety seats separately than it would cost you a lot more. You can seriously save some cash by picking this seat.

The Cons:

  • A Weaker base. The base doesn’t come with suspension to absorb shocks. Although it’s not a mandatory feature. There is a better thing installed inside the seat and that’s memory foam. It’s a cutting edge thing; you can Google to know more about the more about the memory foams.
  • May give you little hassle on setting it up in few cars. The setup is a common problem with all the seats in the market. That’s why you must read the instruction manual carefully before the installation of the seat.

Final Call:

Now, we hope that you are properly introduced with this seat. From what we see, it’s one of the finest products in the market. You can buy it after your child gets out of the infant seat or from its very first day.

The Diono 2AXT has everything that you need inside a convertible seat. Don’t consider it to be overpriced as it isn’t actually. Rather it’s a value for money as it compiles the cost of all three child safety seats in one product.

We can assure you that you will be happy with the Diono Rainier 2AXT All-in-One convertible car seat.


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