Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat – Review & Buying Guide

Evenflo Tribute LX Seat

Looking for a best evenflo car seat that shares all the features of a premium one?

Then the Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat might just be the one for you.

The seat is a compete one having all the necessary features of a complete convertible seat that fits everyone’s budget.

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We will describe almost everything about the Evenflo Tribute LX in the following section to clear your understandings regarding this best-selling child safety car seat.

This review was written from a bias view and before starting everything we’d like to say that we will not anyhow be benefited by the manufacturer.

So, you can have complete faith on this review. Come; let’s know more about it…

About Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat:

The Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat is one of the best one that are available in the market. Certainly it’s a well decorated one and that’s why it has made to our list.

Now, you will find many models of the Tribute and Evenflo Convertible seats. But here our concern is to show you the true nature of the Evenflo Tribute LX.

In this section we’ll give the basic information of the product. Here’s a list of the basic attributes of this evenflo tribute lx convertible seat. We’ll also remark the basic things so that you can get complete review in the same place.

  • Weight Capacity: The Tribute LX can hold children from 5 to 40 lbs. Literally, it’s huge. Why? Because; it can protects the child from birth to 12 years old. Isn’t that amazing? It means that the seat will hold a value for your money for 12 years.
  • Height Capacity: This convertible car seat also has a wide height capacity. In both the modes it can house a child from 19-40 inches. This is really great comparing to the baby seats. The seat is long enough for big kids and small enough for the little ones too.
  • Rear & Forward Facing Modes: This seats offer both rear and forward facing sitting options. In the rear facing mode the weight capacity is 5 to 40 lbs and the height capacity is 19 to 37 inches. The same seat in its forward facing mode offers a weight capacity of 22 to 40 lbs and height capacity of 28-40 inches.
  • Product Weight: The Evenflo Tribute LX weights only 9.11 lbs. This is light comparing with other seats in the market. If you look at other best convertible car seats for small cars in the market you will see that no other seat weights this less.
  • Dimensions: The dimension of this seat is 19.75” in height by 18.5” in width by 27.625” in length in its rear facing mode and 25.5” in height by 18.5” in width by 22” in length. If you look at the numbers more closely you will find that this car seat is quite friendly for your car. The width of a seat causes a lot of problem inside some cars. But with the width of this seat, you will hardly face any accommodation problem.
  • Colors: To make some parents happy the manufacturer is now producing this model with different color schemes. They are Pink Mums, Neptune, Abigail, Baylor, Saturn, Geo, Kristi and Ella. You will find these printed designs within the black border of the seat. They add a sort of charm to the whole seat.

Well, these were the basic need to know about the seat. Now, it’s time to dig in deep and next level of our review which is perhaps the actual one. The next section will concern three major criteria. Here are the reviews for you.

Evenflo Tribute LX

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review:

Here’s the actual review of this evenflo tribute lx convertible car seat that you have been waiting for…

  • Difference with other type of seats –

This may not be as safe as an infant seat. We’re clearing it as many people mistake it to be safer than an infant seat. Also, it’s something you will probably be keeping inside your car only. That means that you don’t have to take it out and carry it around that often.

  • Infant Seats Vs Evenflo Tribute LX –

Now, Convertible car seats are in many other ways different from infant seats and booster seats. Infant seats are actually for newborns. Although the newborns can be kept inside The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible seat’s rear facing section, we’d highly recommend you not to do so.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the wide weight capacity of the seat. It is basically nothing. The top end weight capacity is rather a matter of charm. We’re telling these because no much safety features the manufacturers add will never be enough for an infant.

Some parents often make the mistake. They buy the convertible over the infant so that they can utilize a single product for twelve years and save a lot of money. Please don’t be like them. By doing so; you will only be compromising with your child’s safety.

  • Booster Seats Vs Evenflo Tribute LX –

If we put the booster seats and Evenflo Tribute LX on a scale we’ll see a lot of difference. First of all, booster seats without the back provide almost zero safety. Where the high-backed seats provide a little safety but it’s actually nothing comparing to the level of safety provided by this seat.

This car seat costs a whole lot more than the backless boosters but with that extra buck you buy safety and comfort which should be the topmost concern in a convertible seat.

Safety of Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat:

Here is why the Evenflo is a safe seat. We have divided this section into two parts to describe the level of safety of this convertible car seat.

Basic Safety Features – up to the level of convertible seats most parents are seem to be concerned about the safety of a child seat. In this part, we’ll show you if it is really safe for your child or not.

To begin with, let’s see – what are the safety features that included in this car seat …

  • The manufacturer claims that safety is the first priority of them. This is something that a child needs the most in a car. With that keeping in mind they have included high-quality energy absorbing foams.
  • These foams are superb and so modern that they can tolerate huge amount of impact force. The modern foams are so much better than those of that had been used in child safety seats.
  • The next important thing is the five point harness. This type of harnesses is the best and most advanced than all the prior models. It’s a common feature that you will find in all the child safety seats. The five-point harness has five different connecting points where it holds the baby in.
  • This five point harness is so important because it restraints the child better. But not only this, the harness does better than that. It distributes the impact force all over the child’s body. This way no single joint gets injured.
  • This seat is not only comes with a five-point harness. It also allows you to adjust the height of the harness which is really uncommon in contemporary convertible seats. This is indeed a great addition to the seat as it results in a better restraint of the child.
  • A strong frame sits beneath the foaming. These lightweight but ultra durable mostly Al-based frames provide a great support during collusion. They work the best in rear end collusion. The whole frame will drive the impact force away from your child.

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Well, these were the basic safety features of Evenflo what ensures your child’s safety altogether. Now, let’s take a look at how well these safety features have performed.

Evenflo Tribute LX – Tests and Certificates:

The Evenflo Tribute LX had to go through a lot of tests to prove its existence and potentiality. Among those tests there are…

  • Side Impact Tests – The seat was tested several times for the effectiveness of its side impact protection. It has successfully passed the tests and clearly overcame the federal safety standards.
  • Structural Integrity Test – After this test was carried out the scientists at the federal test lab were astonished as this seat has tolerated twice the force of the standard. This makes the seat stand apart from other convertible seats in the market.
  • The Restraint Test – It was caring enough to hold the child in its proper position.
  • The Flammability Test – Even the flammability of the car seat material was tested by the federal safety labs. The seat uses a material which is very different from cloth. So it was able to pass the test easily.
  • Safety Standard Test – Maintenance of child safety inside a car in Canada is stricter. So some specialized tests were conducted on it.
  • FAA Test – This best travel car seat also passed the FAA approval test which allows the seat to be carried inside an aircraft.

Well, all these test approvals suggest that this seat is entirely safe for your child. You don’t need to think about the matter of safety of your child while it’s inside Evenflo.

Comfort of Evenflo Tribute LX:

The next thing parents look for is comfort inside a best infant car seat. It should be a matter of concern because a good convertible car seat provides comfort for both the child and its parents. We’ll discuss it in two sections. One from the child’s point of view and the other is from the parent’s point of view.

Comfort for the Child:

Here is the review on comfort for the child of The Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat …

  • First of all it is to say that the seat is quite spacious and spacious seats are always comfortable.
  • Most of the straps in the seat are adjustable. That makes this seat more children friendly.
  • There’s a head pillow inside the seat which can also be detachable. This pillow provides the child with a place to rest its head in comfort with a pinch of safety also.
  • The rear facing mode reclines great.
  • There is body cushions integrated inside the seat. It gives a lot of comfort, especially in road trips.

Comfort for the Parents:

Not only for the child the seat also have a lot of sweet features for the parents what makes it easy for them to use this convertible seat. Here’s a list of those…

  • The whole seat is much easy to set up on the car. First of all the upfront harness adjustment makes it easy to tighten the strap.
  • This lightweight seat is very easy to carry inside a car. If the seat frequently has to swap cars then it should be the ideal product for you.
  • The material is a real charm. You can wipe the whole seat with a wet cloth without any problem. Doesn’t it cut down a lot of parenting pressure from your shoulders?

Well, this was pretty much all of the safety features that The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible car seat has to offer for you.

So, What Do We Have?

Before calling it a day we’d like you to Google the price of The Evenflo Tribute LX. Astonished? You must be. All of these magnificent features in this price? Yes, it is.

Dear parents, this is undoubtedly the best pick for you if you are a little bit tight on your budget. Everywhere you will find this seat rated as one of the toppers.

Still, this Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat is an unbeatable one in the market with huge sales and full on customer satisfaction.


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