Graco My Ride 65 LX Review – Top Convertible Car Seat

Graco My Ride 65 LX Reviews

Graco has always been a popular child safety seat manufacturer in the US and Graco My Ride 65 LX is it’s best tribute as a convertible seat.

The first thing that comes into the mind about the product is that, it’s a massive convertible seat. In this article, we’ll keep no stones unturned in reviewing this product.

If you are looking forward to buy best convertible car seat or just looking things up for the future, we hope that this review will be helpful for you.

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Our reviews are based upon deep cycle research of a product which includes every possible source of info on the product.

Our goal is to help you in choosing your pick, which means that we will entirely dedicate ourselves so that you can get an appropriate product for your precious child.

Before we go to the review we should make some things clear. Ending up with a wrong kind of convertible car seat will be nothing but a waste of money.

And the last point that we think should be cleared before is that, we are writing this review from a bias point of view and without any lust or hope of advantage from the manufacturer, Graco.

We’ve only tried out to extract all the factual truths and present them before you for your consideration. Now, let’s gradually move towards the actual review.

Graco My Ride 65 LX Review

Don’t have problem spending a little more than a hundred bucks? Want a big and beefy convertible seat? Have a child with overgrowth issue or an unusually big space inside the car? Or just want an all rounder convertible car seat?

If all the answers are ‘yes’ then, The Graco My Ride 65 LX should be the product of your choice. Come, let’s learn more about it.

Here, in this section of the review we’ll bring the basic features and properties of the seat under the microscope and gradually judge it for your consideration.

  • Weight Capacity: The Graco My Ride 65 LX has a massive weight capacity up to 65 lbs. This makes the seat a great one in terms of capacity. Although you will not have the luxury of 65 lbs in the rear facing but it is surely attainable in a forward facing mode.

In the rear facing option the seat can house up to 40 lbs. It is also better comparing with other convertible seats in the market. Because; 40 lbs is in the rear facing seat means longer stay in a safer position.

The minimum weight limit of the seat is 5 lbs in both type of sitting arrangements. 5 lbs may not exactly be suitable for the newborns. So, if you think that you are not going to buy infant car seat and instead go with the My Ride, it should not be a good idea at all.

Graco My Ride 65 LX

Although 65 lbs mean that you will be able to use this My Ride 65 LX for a very long time, perhaps for 15 years or around. That’s a real value for your money, isn’t it? Now the decision is up to you, whether you are going to buy this seat or not for the weight capacity or ignore it if the weight capacity seems too large for you.

  • Seat Weight: The Graco My Ride 65 LX weights 15.8 lbs. In terms of weight of a child safety seat, this isn’t too heavy nor a lightweight one. Rather the almost 16 lbs of weight suggests that the seat is built properly with ample amount of framing and cushioning.

It also suggests that you will have difficulty carrying it inside the car and anywhere else. There are other models in the market for you they weight almost half of it.

  • Dimensions: Dimension of a seat is important. We’ve seen that most of the parents don’t bother about dimensions and buy the product which suits their eyes better. This is perhaps parents often do while buying child safety seats for their child.

The seat is 27″ by 20.8″ by 26″. If you look at the numbers you will understand that this seat is a big one. And Big enough is best to hold your child in comfort. But in some cars the seat is not wide enough or there remains a very little room for a seat like this if you have to add another one.

That’s why cross check the numbers with the width of your car’s seat specifically if you have a classic car or a narrow one. Also, this dimension makes The Graco My Ride 65 LX, an unsuitable convertible car seat for airplane seats. That means you will not have much luck in carrying it inside a flight.

  • Design: The design of a convertible seat matters a lot. Firstly it has to look good and secondly the design must be user friendly so that both the child and the parents get the benefit of its comfort.

When it comes to the design of The Graco My Ride 65 LX everything seemed okay to us. The shape of the seat may not be like an ultra modern one but it gets the job done quite fine. Actually when it comes to terms of safety sometimes the safety gets compromised for the compact or dashing looking designs. This is not much of an issue with this convertible car seat.

The whole thing is carefully crafted with plastics and metals. This makes the seat really easy to clean. But you should keep in mind that synthetic materials aren’t that skin friendly. They can’t absorb perception like the cloths. So, do keep an eye on your child and see if it’s sweating or not.

The Graco My Ride 65 LX is available at two color schemes. Both of them are good but the one that has neon greenish work in it looks more eye-catching. Come on, take a look at the product, do you find anything not okay with the seat?

Perhaps not!

Among the other noteworthy things about the seat, the first thing that comes in mind is its built quality. It’s moderate actually with no flaws and nothing to complain against. Instructions are stickered on both sides and there are cup holders on both sides to. Also, there is a bubble level indicator to ensure proper settlement of the seat.

Well, these were almost everything about the seat. We’ve included all the necessary information that you need to know and that people look for inside a best travel car seat before buying one.

There was also criticism added with each and every attributes to help you in looking at both the bright and dark sides. And now, in the next section we will discuss about the two major things concerning the convertible seat.

The safety and the comfort of a seat mark how popular it’s going to be and how much stars it’s going to secure in different sites. If you have read other reviews of this website you will know that the safety of a convertible seat is not as strong as that of an infant seat and not as vague as that of a backless booster seat.

Well, here are the actual report on The Graco My Ride 65 LX convertible seat’s safety and comfort that you have been waiting for.

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Safety of Graco My Ride 65 LX:

If you look closely at the features provided by the infant seat manufacturers in the market, you will see that they often come up with colorful names for their safety features. Basically the features are almost the same in every seat but the names are quite different.

The thing is that, hardly you will find any colorful exaggerated names of safety features in the convertible seats. Have you ever wondered, why? It’s because that features are pretty basic but powerful.

The prime source of safety in a convertible car seat is potentialized within three things. Here’s a brief introduction to them with a touch of a reviewing.

  • The Frame: It makes the seat stay strong and keeps the baby safe at its proper place. The frame has greater purpose also and that is to absorbed the energy force and drive it to elsewhere.

The frame will come to action during an impact. It’s made of lightweight and durable material what bends during a collusion and designed in a way that the force will rebound. Hence the child stays secured inside.

The frame in Graco My Ride 65 LX is also strongly built and there are very few reports of its failure. Also, the lightweight design also made sure that the whole product stays at its minimum weight. So, the frame of this seat is a good one.

  • The Cushions: They are just the beef on the skeletons. These cushions in the Graco My Ride 65 LX car seat come in different layers. The top layer are the extended winds and head section. They provide side impact protection and comfort to the child.

The deep layer is built with more advanced foam what is way more effective in absorbing impact forces. They are actual protection in a convertible seat. As far we’ve checked this seat, the foaming was adequate and it felt safe to us.

  • The Restraints: Another major function of a convertible seat is to restrain the child in its right and appropriate position. Just like the seat belts protect the grownups inside a car the harness of a convertible car seat does the same.

It is also equipped with a five point harness. And you may already know that a five point harness is the best at doing what it does. Restraints, during collusion can be deadly. It can easily snap a child’s neck. That’s why five point harnesses were developed.

This convertible seat comes with the five point harness what secures the baby inside very safely and it’s adjustable too, which makes the harness even more caring and comfortable for the child. The combination of these three makes it a suitable seat for your child.

Now, the second concern is comfort.

Comfort of Graco My Ride 65 LX:

All that cushioning gives a lot of comfort to the child. Their job is not only to provide safety but beyond that the foams are very soft and ideal for long trips. The shape also remains intact.

The Graco My Ride 65 LX is made of a washable cover what makes it pretty easy for the parents to clean any kind of spill or stains from the seat. Most parents feel that it’s the most difficult part of a car seat. But things would have been easier it the whole seat cover came out.

This seat has a lot of adjustment features. Almost every part of it can be adjusted including the seat height, the straps, belts and all that. The ultimate results are more comfortable and better restraining of the child.

So, What Do We Have?

We have a decent convertible seat over here. The seat was owned by many parents and still it is one of the best sellers in the market. Behind the popularity the above points have played a great role.

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We didn’t find any serious complain against the seat. Just that in the smaller cars it created a little accommodation issue doesn’t make it a bad seat at all. On the other hand there have been reports that the seat saved lives of children on serious accidents, even on those where the car went airborne.

After all, if you want to use a seat that will be enough for ten or more years of use then we’d say go with this one. By the time your child will be done using it, he or she will be ready for the seat belts. The Graco My Ride 65 LX convertible car seat is indeed a great catch.


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