Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Reviews – Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Review

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat is relatively a newer product that has achieved a great popularity.

This baby seat is an all star products. It has everything that you seek in an infant car seat. It’s extremely safe and lightweight.

There are many more things these infant seat posses. This should always be a good choice. The price is quite reasonable too.

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This is a great infant seat and that’s why it has made it to our list. It’s a true definition of lightweight. The safety seat is an all square one as it’s a tall one and it has a high weight carrying capacity.

There are many more features of this safety seat. Comparing all these features of the safety seat with the price you’ll find it as a best pick.

But before being sure about that you should go through this review so that you can have a better knowledge about the product.

In my review I will break down everything about the product in front of you and helps you choose your pick. Every child seat has some kind of special features that will be convincing enough for you.

Finding the appropriate one for you is entirely up to you. But we’ve tried to make the whole thing as user friendly as we can. Now, Graco SnugRide is a well qualified product with a lot of features.

Now, let’s bring the product under the microscope …

Features of Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35

If you are thinking to buy convertible car seat for small cars for your child. And the product is laden with cool features that you will love. The thing is almost all the premium infant seat models share the same features.

But the question is, are they effective enough? In the SnugRide we have found the presence of all optimal features and they are reported to function well.

The design of it was pretty unique; having only 7.5 lbs of weight this product is very much portable. Another great thing about the product is its capacity of housing child up-to 35 lbs. It’s got a really long lasting charm added to it.

The SnugRide SnugLock 35 model weights 14.17 lbs which is no match to most of the best car seats available in the market. The seat is 28 inches tall which should be enough to support up to its 35 lbs of height. Also the seat is 18.7 inches wide and this may seem a little bit too much for an infant seat.

This seat is built in china. There are infant seats in the market what comes from home or Canada. Both their quality and the quality Graco provides are indifferent. There’s hardly anything to complain about the SnugRide’s built quality.

Among the other features, this infant seat can be connected with a single click with the base. When these features combine it results in the most hassle free baby seat in the market. And like all other top rated infant seats it has 5-point harnesses with adjustable heights. All in all, I would mark it as the best seat in the market.

The maximum weight capacity of the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 is 35 lbs. This should be more than enough. The minimum weight capacity is 4 lbs what ensures a safe sitting position even for a newborn baby.

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 wins where other products fail to provide safety, comfort and compatibility. It’s a mid ranged product that doesn’t cost like the premium ones and not built like the cheaper ones. Rather it’s more satisfying than any other models.

The design is unique as it keeps the baby in opposite position from other infant seats. This is also a fun feature, when you put your baby in the stroller it faces you. So you can keep in touch with your baby more closely.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Reviews

Making a review on something like infant seats is never easy. In most of the cases to judge a seat properly the seats are tested in labs. They can give some sort of idea about the safety of an infant seat.

Providing child with safety and keeping it snugly intact on a seat is the main purpose of an infant seat. With The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 you can be tension free about the safety issue.

Everything you need inside a decent safety seat is present in this seat. In the following section we’ll discuss about these things individually. We hope that you will find everything you need in this review.

We’ve analyzed the Graco SnugRide carefully so that we can bring everything in front of you. The product amazed us when we talked with the users. They seemed really happy with it.

Here’s the review for you…

  • Comfortable:

The product is designed to give comfort both to the children and their guardian. The padding is so secured and provides very much comfort. The babies find it so comfortable that they don’t want to come out from this.

The seat is designed in such a way that it will be comfortable not only for the child but for their parents also. First of all the depth of the seat is 15.6 inches. It is enough for a child. The child will easily fit inside one and feel comfortable.

Most infant seats in the market aren’t caring enough for the newborns. But this one is exceptional in this case. It’s very much caring for them. The seat has an extra layer of cushioning for the child. Don’t worry; it can also be removed as your child keeps on growing.

Another great feature of the seat is its rotating canopy. When you place the seat on a stroller and have it move around in the sun you can open it and it will do its job of protecting the child from sunlight.

The seat also gives a lot of comfort to the parents. They can easily carry it around as it is light and comes with user friendly handle. Placing and locking it on the car seat is also easy. Taking the seat out is less hassling than most of the prominent products of the market. The seat is very easy to clean and it can save a lot of hassle and time. So, this is indeed a comfortable infant seat.

Not all the products of this kind are so easily washable. Babies are fond of messing up. If they do, you don’t have to worry much. Just take it out and wash it in washing machine. So, if you are looking a best travel car seat just get it.

  • Portability & Compatibility:

Being lightweight this is so easy to carry around. The handle provided with the seat is very much user friendly. It allows you to carry the product easily. I’ve seen many parents don’t even bother to put the seat in a stroller and carry it around in hand.

This was a clear proof of the portability of the product. All the lightweight baby seats are not that safe. They are often built with low quality materials what can break easily. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about that stuff if you have this baby seat. It’s compatible with most of the Graco strollers. As per the name the SnugRide is equipped with a one clicked connector that allows you firmly tight the unit with the base.

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Have you ever wondered why the issue of portability is so important? Many of the parents pay a very little heed to this matter. But you must note that, buying a wrong kind of infant seat will cost you a lot. It may make you change the stroller also.

So, try looking for an infant seat that has portability and is compatible with the stroller you own or about to won. Hopefully you will not be facing issues of portability and compatibility.

  • Safety:

All the modern safety seats are built with giving top priority to the safety measures. Their main duty is to protect the child and they tend to do with great care. The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 is also indifferent in this case.

Graco haven’t given fancy technological terms to their safety features. Actually it’s a more basic infant seat with the same safety features but included with quality. The foams seemed quite convincing enough. Side protection in the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 is quite trustworthy.

There is hardly any record of the safety features failing on an event of a car crash. But there’s a problem with this car seat what should have been developed.

One may also face problems in tightening the belts. The SnugLock needs to be very precisely put on a safety seat. We recommend you to do it with great care and concentration. Remember that, a wrongly installed infant seat can bring down a destructive result.

There’s also another thing. You will often find safety announcements or proper installation guidelines stickered on safety seats. But it’s not something that you see everywhere. So, if someone new is installing the seat be sure that he or she has installed the seat correctly.

The safety of SnugRide is unquestionably great. The seats go through a lot of tests before it gets into your hand. Tests like durability, drop everything are done on it. Every point is tested several times. You can’t even dare to buy an unsafe infant product.

It comes with a cutting edge impact absorbing foam inside. The casing is also ultra durable. It is so carefully built that there are instructions sewed all around the product. The look of the product will be enough to satisfy you to buy.

  • Looks & Other Issues

Being a new kind of product it doesn’t fit into older model strollers. But it’s very suitable for the newer Graco strollers. Ultimately it’s a satisfactory infant seat. It has good looks. The color of the SnugLock 35 is really attractive. This makes the seat look beautiful inside a car.

There’s a little issue with the materials. There have been many reports made about the product’s being warm. That’s why don’t use too much clothing for the baby when you are using this seat.

Although the product is light but it looks kind of bulky. And the canopy issue is really common in infant seats. It’s not much of an issue actually as you don’t need to use the canopy that frequently.


  • Extra lightweight and extra safe. Basically lightweight products don’t seem that much safe. It’s different and exceeds all the demands of safety standards.
  • The hassle free one click lock saves a lot of time and gives you less irritation. An ideal solution for busy parents who are in a hurry.
  • The wide weight capacity from birth to 35 lbs is an unmatched feature of the product. No other infant seats in the market give this wide range.
  • The pricing is just perfect. After using the product you won’t regret a bit.


  • Due to its design very much compatible with shopping carts. It’s a mandatory feature though.

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Finally, I’d say you can get it if you are looking for an infant seat that has everything. Even after being a mid ranged baby seat the SnugRide from Graco is way more popular. Beware of those overpriced low capacity seats. Certainly you won’t buy an infant seat for your kid twice.

Also we must mention here that there are other cheap products in the market. Just inspect them carefully and you will know the quality difference. In my opinion, getting Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat will be the wisest choice.


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